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Simple Sunday Pleasures | Whitstable

Helen —  September 11, 2013 — 2 Comments

On the weekend we piled in the car and drove an hour or so to the seaside at Whitstable in Kent.

Whitstable chalkboard

It is a completely charming seaside town, and both the kids and the grown ups love it.

Whitstable stony beach

The beach isn’t quite what I am used to growing up in Australia but my little English roses love the shingle beach and aren’t at all bothered by Baltic water temperatures or sore feet.

Whitstable seafood

Lots of little sailing boats line the shore. I’ve never seen many out at sea but perhaps we haven’t been at the right time.


Whitstable is famous for its seafood, especially oysters. We had a deliciously simple lunch at the Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company. Luckily for me, Smithy doesn’t like oysters so I get them all! Apologies to vegetarians or those who are just grossed out by these slimy delicacies!

Whitstable oysters

The pudding was delicious – coconut flavoured meringue wtih raspberry and passionfruit. I was too slow to snaffle the passionfruit from Miss S. Also a rare delicacy here!


seaside flowers

Pretty wildflower gardens along the sea front.



After lunch and a stroll we drove up, past the castle, and hung out at “the top” for awhile. Its a good place to sit and ponder, and perhaps have an ice-cream.


Kite flying didn’t really happen but we admired the cheerful beach huts before piling into the car for a delightful (ahem: two tired, sugar filled children) trip home.


Each time we visit Whitstable I am practically pressing my nose against the car window, checking out all the interesting looking antique, yarn and gift shops along the road into the village. Yet we have never once made it that far on a trip yet. Maybe next time.



What is your favourite beach/seaside place to go to? Tell me in the comments x

Simple Sunday Pleasures

Helen —  September 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

This morning I asked my daughter what she would like to do.

“Stamps!”, she said excitedly.

“Er what do you mean?”.


Ah OK. Mr Maker (BBC kids show) has a lot to answer for!

Luckily we had all gear required for a spot of potato stamping and got to work.

Potato Stamps

Happily, I had seen a recent idea on Pinterest to use cookie cutters to make the shapes. It worked a treat and we were up and running pretty quickly.

Potato Stamps

Serious face. When she saw this picture she exclaimed, “I’m still wearing my pyjamas!!”. Yup….slummy mummy strikes again.

I think pyjamas after midday is allowed on a Sunday tho.

Potato Stamps

I enjoyed the process as much as she did. Early homemade Christmas cards perhaps?!

Potato Stamps

Proud artist. Mission accomplished without tears. Winner.

Potato Stamps