Curious Collective 2014 DKAL: Week 3

Helen —  July 18, 2014 — 5 Comments

This week we are going to decide on the shape of the shawl.

I have given you a choice of four basic shapes, Triangle, Crescent, Rectangle, Semicircle. Within those broad shapes there are a lot of possible variations. For example triangular can be regular, wide, rounded – there are really a lot of possibilities.

If you have other ideas that you want to expand on, please add them in the blog comments.

I will close the poll at midnight Thursday 24 July (GMT).

I know that trying to choose from the delectable colours of Juno Alice last week was difficult for some of us, so I’m very excited to see what you choose this week!

So go ahead, vote, comment, share with your friends!

You can join in at any time!

The pattern is available here (the earlier you buy it the lower the price!)

Have your say in the Curious Collective 2014 shawl design here!


5 responses to Curious Collective 2014 DKAL: Week 3

  1. I loooove asymmetrical shawls 🙂 that way they can be worn in a variety of ways around the neck..

  2. I voted for crescent, but a long broad crescent is what I’m thinking, as opposed to a skinny one. Almost a cross between a half-circle and a crescent – the depth of the half-circle, but the versatility of the crescent.

  3. I love a wide or asymmetrical triangle shawl shape.

    This is such a fun idea.

  4. I voted for crescent shape, but I’m good with whatever shape wins —- as long as it’s not shawlette length. I’m just a little too big for a shawlette, most cover my back and arms, but leave just wings dangling in front. Even at my thinnest, my bone structure is just too broad for shawlettes, lol.

  5. I really like shawls that can be wrapped around the neck without bunching up in an odd way. Hope that’s helpful.

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