CH 121: Stitching up Paris with Barbara and Keiry

Helen —  April 29, 2016 — 27 Comments

CH 121 Stitching up paris

This week I have an interview with Stitching Up Paris authors Keiry and Barbara, a giveaway of the book and announcements about several Knit Alongs and events!

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Botan Shawl

Spindrift Shawl

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Klee Collection KAL with Renee Callahan

We will be having a KAL for the Klee Collection in the Curious Handmade Ravelry group starting 9 May.

I will be knitting the Angelus Novus cardigan in Blacker yarn.

Renee is offering a super generous offer of 20% OFF all her patterns for my listeners with the code EastLondonKnitKAL.

Blacker Yarn is offering 10% OFF any DK weight yarn from their website until 12 June using code KLEEKAL

Interview with Stitching Up Paris authors Barbara and Keiry

More about the book on the Stitching Up Paris website here.

A great review of the book on the Secrets of Paris Website here…It was fun to meet Heather at the book signing party at L’OisiveThé

Keiry Belton and Barbara Cattoni agree with Audrey Hepburn: ‘Paris is always a good idea’. They devised a guidebook in Stitching up Paris: The Insider’s Guide to Parisian Knitting, Sewing, Notions and Needlecraft Stores with tourists, expat locals or armchair travellers in mind. A Parisian for more than 30 years, Barbara has made Paris craft shops and the people behind them into a livelihood. Through her tour business,, she provides individually tailored tours of Paris’s best craft addresses. Keiry arrived in Paris in 2012 and met Barbara through Ravelry’s online knitting network. She blogs about Paris and the stitching scene – including the perils of trying to speak French while knitting. Follow for the latest stories and images of the Paris stitching scene. They can also be found at @stitchingupparis on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Yarn Shop Day!

I know of at least two events happening for yarn shop day tomorrow…

A Yarn Story is going to have a speed dating style yarn tasting of brand new Yarn by The Fibre Co. called Arranmore

Knitters and crocheters can try Arranmore for themselves on Yarn Shop Day at A Yarn Story. A ‘speeddating

style’ yarn tasting is planned to allow visitors to try out each of the seven different Fibre Co.

yarns carried in the shop. Located on Walcot Street in the heart of Bath’s Artisan Quarter, A Yarn Story

specializes in hand-dyed yarns and luxury fibres from around the world. “We’re so excited to be able

to partner with A Yarn Story for the world-wide launch of Arranmore,” said Daphne. “They are

constantly running workshops and events that bring the community together around a common love

of yarn.”

Wild and Woolly is hosting the Purly Queens Popup:

Join us in celebrating East London’s finest knitty talent at this year’s Yarn Shop Day in Clapton.

Sweater Spotter Anna Malz and East London Knits Renee Callahan will have their trunk shows ready so you can try on samples and get inspired by their designs.

The TravelKnitter and The Wool Kitchen yarn dyers will also be doing a cubby-takeover with a pop-up of their full range of spectacular hand-dyed yarns.

Plus there’ll be all your favourite yarns and a few other special guest stars to get ideas from, ask advice and share some cake and wine with.


27 responses to CH 121: Stitching up Paris with Barbara and Keiry

  1. Pauline McCullough April 29, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Paris is a good idea! I would love to go to Paris someday, perhaps I will when I retire. I plan to visit the Louvre, Versailles and of course all of the yarn and fabric shops my husband will allow!

  2. I’m going to Paris in 3 weeks! The book would be a terrific companion.

  3. I am looking forward to spending 6 nights in Paris in August and am dying to visit L’OisiveThé and any other lovely crafty shops I can get to between sightseeing and eating (especially with two potentially grumpy boys in tow – these things must be covertly planned you know;)). I had hoped to take out an ebook at my local library, but it’s not (currently) available….so would love to have a copy because buying lovely crafty things in Paris is always a good idea!

  4. Paris is a great idea when you can armchair travel to all the shops you’d like to visit!

  5. Paris! Yarn shops! Habberdasheries! What more would I need? I would like to sit at a sidewalk café with a chocolate croissant, cafe au lait and my knitting. Heaven! And maybe a museum or two, historic sites- one day soon I will get there. I am not getting any younger!

  6. I would love to visit Paris one day. I considered going there when I was on my trip to London last year, but didn’t want to overbook myself. If I had gone to Paris, I was keen on visiting Chateau de Malmaison which was the home of Empress Josephine Bonaparte who was instrumental in collecting and preserving many old garden roses. I believe there are still remnants of her rose garden at Malmaison so I would love to visit there one day as I also love roses. I have been told that I have some French blood in my ancestry and that my mothers maiden name of Perrie is indeed French – another reason to be intrigued by all things French. The Stitching up Paris book looks very, very inviting and would certainly be a lovely addition to my armchair travel collection, until I can actually get there. Thank you for another great podcast!

  7. Sandra (haveyarnwillfly on Ravelry) May 3, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    I would love The Stitching in Paris book : ) Of course I will visit as many yarn shops as humanly possible and some fabric stores too! And my daughter found an old fashioned printing shop that I will have to find. My daughter hopes to live abroad & Paris is on her short list. So maybe I’ll have a special spot to stay.
    Loved the podcast – thank you for bringing beauty to my day.

  8. I’m writing down the tour website for the next time I go to Paris. I’d love to take a tour. I haven’t been to any yarn stores there because I’ve been hesitant after reading people’s blogs about yarn being behind the counter where you can’t touch it, and people having a difficult time getting staff’s attention. Most of my time in Paris is spent in the museums and cafes. So much to see and taste!

  9. Nina (TheFibersmith) May 4, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    What a lovely interview. Paris is always a good idea for inspiration. Would really love to go again someday and visit yarn, fabric, and various notions stores. I can see it now – Cafe au lait and knitting. Thank you for your podcast.

  10. Its a dream to go to Paris & England sometime.. Liveing in the US we have a lot of people that have come from all over the world. It my time to go see so new thing and learn about others. Thank you Gale Longley

  11. The idea of craft shop tours sounds heavenly! I have always wanted to visit Paris because it has so much rich history. I live in the US, and we have history, but it’s not the same as visiting a city that is hundreds of years old, full of old buildings and museums.

  12. When I visit a new place my favorite thing to do is to wander the streets and see local. So having a book like Stitching Up Paris at my side while touring Paris would make for a delightful visit. I would definitely love to visit the yarn shops, museums and fabric shops in Paris.

  13. Paris is divine! What better way to enjoy the neighbourhoods and my favourite hobbies all in one. Good food, amazing art, and craft. It would be such a treat to “stitch up” Paris 🙂

  14. What a wonderful, fun episode!! This is my first time checking out the show notes since becoming a podcast listener (a long time ago!)…and I see I have been missing out!! They are beautifully blogged!!

    …Of course my dream trip to Paris would be filled with fashion, yarn, garden, and art excursions galore…but also at the top of my list are the carousels=)!! I sure do love a gorgeous carousel!!

  15. In Paris, I believe I might embark on a literary tour. The sites haunted by Gertrude Stein, Hemingway and Fitzgerald are as fresh to me now as when I first vicariously travelled them in college.
    And surely Stitching Up Paris would feed the other side of my soul — the part that thrives on art and craft. Retirement is just a year away, so this time the travel might just be more than vicarious!

  16. Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore! And the pastry and chocolate shops, lovely restaurants, and art galleries.

  17. Great interview! I have visited Paris, but my fiancee has not so I hope we can take a trip together sometime. He’ll be a good sport about visiting all the yarn and fabric goodness, I”m sure. 😉 I wasn’t much of a knitter during my previous visits, so places in this book will be high on my list!

  18. This is all so timely! just found I am going to Paris at the end of the month! VERY happy!

  19. The Paris episodes of this always marvelous podcast have been a special treat. Thirteen years ago I didn’t see a single yarn shop in Paris — they must have been somewhere — but I found plenty of fabric, and visited a dreamy embroidery studio. On the next trip I would certainly search out more fiber and textile haunts, but still be sure not to get distracted too much from the main point of it all: To Eat.

  20. Paris is always a good idea! We had a lovely week in the 4th arrondisement eating at local boulangerie every morning! We’re going back for a week in September and this book would be a great help!

  21. I absolutely LOVE Paris, I have been a few times and never found a yarn shop, so I would love to come back and take the tour of the shops! That would be a great trip!!! Having the book would be great to plan a trip with!!!

  22. GRAMMIE2MADDIE May 11, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I would love to go to Paris to look for fabrics…I look for fabrics whenever we go to a new place!

  23. What a great idea for a book and a perfect way to spend a weekend with a fellow craftie searching out special shops with beautiful yarn.

  24. My husband and I are going to Paris in June for our 25th wedding anniversary! He already knows that yarn, fiber and even fabric shops will be part of our adventures. I won’t see them all and would love the opportunity to read about each one of them.

  25. Loved this episode talking about Stitching up Paris . Last year at this time my husband and I travelled to Paris with some friends. My friend researched yarn shops and we made our way to La Drogerie (?). Lucky for us there was a pub next door for our guys to enjoy a visit while we gals shopped for yarn inspite of the language challenge on our part. This book by Barbara and Keiry sounds delightful.
    Thank you for another delightful “visit” with you via the podcast. 🙂

  26. This book sounds like the perfect companion for a trip to Paris! The last time I was there (15yrs ago, before I did much sewing) I happened upon a little fabric shop and splurged on a metre of gorgeous Marimekko fabric. When I got home I hung it like a giant canvas on the wall – it has moved with me several times, and today it brightens my entryway! I’d love to go back to Paris now that I spend my days sewing – and this time I’ll need a better plan to search out some great fabric shops! 🙂

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