CH 190: Retreat Recap, Wildflower Hill Shawl, and giveaways!

Helen —  September 22, 2017 — 38 Comments

On today’s show I fill you in on all the fun details of the Curious Handmade Country House Retreat, introduce the new retreat shawl design, and share a few beautiful new patterns I’ve been stalking, with information on how you can enter a giveaway to win a copy of one for yourself!

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Alongside an eclectic yarn range, which includes Hazel Knits, Icelandic Lopi & CoopKnits, we stock a carefully chosen selection of needles and notions. We’ve also recently launched ‘hand dyed by meadowyarn’, our very own in-house, hand-dyed yarn range. Working in our tiny dye studio, nestled in the Suffolk countryside, we are able to indulge our love of colour, producing complex tonal, kettle-dyed shades across a range of weights and bases. With regular updates our collections evolve and grow, inspired by the landscape and people around us.

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Arranmore Light by The Fibre Company

Today I’m releasing the shawl pattern I created for the retreat, Wildflower Hill

The Wildflower Hill Shawl celebrates the beautiful flora of Cumbria’s countryside. Created for the fourth Curious Handmade Country House Retreat, Wildflower Hill was designed to showcase Arranmore Light, a gorgeous DK weight yarn from our retreat sponsor, The Fibre Co. From early spring into the last days of autumn, blossoming wildflowers and herbs are woven into the tapestry of Cumbrian hills. The tiny flecks of colour in this lovely yarn make me think of the scattering of flowers that adorn every corner of the country. Marsh orchids inhabit the peaty lowlands while delicate alpine species cling to the rocky outcrops at the peaks of the fells. Many of these flowers have ancient medical and magical uses, but mostly they are a feast for bees and butterflies, and a glorious sight for anyone with the time to slow down on a stroll and look.

This two-colour asymmetrical triangle shawl features bold colour-blocked stripes and a simple lace stitch pattern that recalls the rolling, flower-strewn hills of Cumbria. Warm and cosy but lightweight with a beautiful drape, it is a perfect companion for a windy hill walk at almost any time of year.

Norah George

Suffolk Socks

A Yarn Story

Bunkhouse Belle Socks by Julie Waters

Sew Sweet Violet

So Faded by Andrea Mowery

Confetti Pullover by Veera Välimäki

Starting Point Shawl by Joji Locatelli

Clark Socks by Jaclyn Salem

Brooklyn Knitfolk Podcast

Malabrigo Sock

Oracle Shawl by Kristin Lehrer of Voolenvine

Yarngasm Podcast

Find out how to enter for a chance to win a gorgeous knitting pattern by listening to the Podcast!

That is everything for this episode…I’ll talk to you next week, and until then, happy knitting!


38 responses to CH 190: Retreat Recap, Wildflower Hill Shawl, and giveaways!

  1. Oh, I love the Oracle shawl! (Also WH is gorgeous, especially in the colors you used… yum!) I’ve faved both over on rav, because I do rather like pretty shawls.

    Three things:
    * Listening to your podcast (also, when you mentioned purloining questions, I immediately wanted to make a purl-oining pun…)
    * Finally getting an ear design I’m satisfied with, for the amigurumi bunny I’m designing (it’s taken much re-trying and frogging)
    * Not unique to today, but my morning routine of Dog Time with my eternal-puppy black lab.

  2. I loved listening to the Podcast but unfortunately I could not get it to download so that I could “see” you – being from America I was lulled by your beautiful accent and enjoyed hearing about the retreat and the new pattern. I cannot wait to buy the pattern, I love the flow and mixed colors. As for the 3 things that I am grateful for today – number one that I am finally attempting to knit Brioche and sort of having it look okay! this has been very hard for me but I am really, really trying to master it. Number two I am grateful that my family rallies around me and tries to cheer me up when I get down. Number 3 – I am grateful to be living in a time that I can actually learn so easily from people all over the world through my computer – how amazing is that????? thank you – I wish all of you luck on winning a lovely pattern!

  3. Thanks for the opportunity! And the 3 great things: 1) my niece safely delivered a baby boy today; 2) I have enough blue DK yarn to make him a sweater and 3)the weather here has been way too gorgeous for the first day of fall!

  4. Thank you for the giveaways.
    Three nice things from today:
    1) I found out finally that my cousins in Houston did not suffer any damage to their home and they were able to go out an help others with the clean-up.
    2) We made a tasty salad for lunch with carrots and garlic fresh from the garden.
    3) After an unseasonably hot day (a record-breaker), the air turned soft and cool as we took an evening walk.

  5. Thank you so much for all the information about your recent retreat. Thanks, too, for the giveaway.

    Three good things that happened to me today:
    1.) I finished my first little Tapestry weaving on my Hokett Loom…a little old apple tree. Not the most perfect thing in the world, but I am totally proud of it!
    2.) I am nicely recovering from a fall three weeks ago…and was able to do some things today that had not been possible yesterday. I TOTALLY dressed myself and brushed and braided my own hair today! Since the fall, my husband has been helping me! I am working hard on gaining back the agility of my shoulder and now it is time to start working on gaining strength back into it.
    3.) I listened to your Podcast for the very FIRST TIME…and consider this a good thing in my day! I LOVE your new shawl pattern and loved hearing about all the wonderful things happening in your world. Thank you!

  6. My 3 happy things that happened today are
    1. Time spent with my husband 🙂
    2. Caribou Coffee’s candy corn coffee-less cooler
    3. Sewing time! And all alone 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for the beautiful podcast!

  7. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a pattern. Three happy things that happened today are: 1. Snuggles with my cat, 2. Completed two grant proposals and 3. Found time to read a book for a bit.

  8. Enjoyed listening to your podcast as always, keeping me company on my drive home from work.

    Three good things today –
    1.It was such a beautiful autumn day that I took my knitting to the park at lunch time.
    2.Next doors (rescued) cat, that I’m looking after for the week, finally trusted me enough to let me stroke her – and she has a wonderful purr!
    3. DH offered to cook dinner as he thought I was looking tired

  9. Another great episode! Loved hearing about the retreat. Three great things have happened in that last day: spent a day off with my husband and 5 year old nephew yesterday, made it to yoga today and spent the afternoon at a food festival. So much to be grateful for, and I’m especially appreciative given how many tragedies and natural disasters have happened recently. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  10. Thanks for the opportunity!
    1) The rain I can hear on my roof.
    2) Meeting my husband for lunch.
    3) Being able to work on knitting my stranded knitting project today.

  11. Would love a pattern. The best things from today: hugs from my kids after a week of work travel, playing kickball with friends, and a nice glass of wine and easy knitting.

  12. Lovely podcast, as always.
    Three good things from today:
    1. Sourced 6 beautiful azaleas to refurbish our front garden
    2. Experimented with a delicious dinner based on fresh escarole and eggplants
    3. Solved a long-standing problem with a shawl pattern being made from creamy merino.

  13. Thank you so much for the lovely podcast! I only discovered you recently, when my friend shared a beautiful shawl she made fairyhill shawl she recently finished on Instagram.

    Three things I’m grateful for today, and it isn’t even 9.30AM…

    1) I woke up today in my childhood bedroom, as I’m visiting my parents for the weekend – a quick break from the stresses of London life! – and my wonderful father brought me a cup of tea. The little things.

    2) I got a message from a very old friend I haven’t really been in touch with the past few years, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to reconnect.

    3) My sister’s beagle just very proudly brought me the teddy bear I sewed last week, now covered in slobber. I’m grateful it’s still in one piece, though!

    This is such a lovely and positive idea for a giveaway, thank you for making us stop and take time to think about the good things in life!

  14. Whilst I listened to the Podcast, I, also couldn’t view/see you. Never mind, I loved listenening!

    The three things that I am grateful for today are:

    1. Being able to spend a week in Canada with our Australian son and his Canadian family
    2. Waking up and looking out our window at the famous The Chief mountain in Squamish, British Columbia
    3. Being in good health, enabling me to enjoy each day

  15. I am grateful for 3 (4) things that happened to me this last week!
    1. I had a wonderful choir retreat with the Indianapolis Youth Choir.
    2. I helped to recused a 5 week old kitten that was in the middle of a busy road.
    3. I made a break through with my 8th grade boys in my choir.
    4. I am grateful that I have a wonderful husband who also understands my obsession with yarn and knitting!

  16. Thank you to all who made this give-away happen.

    My three good things from today are:-

    1) A great start to the day was had by my DH bringing me two lovely mugs of tea in bed.

    2) This afternoon I finished a shawl that I’d had a mental block with and was always tinking/frogging! I can’t wait to get it blocked and worn!

    3) My son rang this evening and we had a lovely chat.

  17. 1enjoyed my young grandson for an overnight visit and waffles this morning he’s a joy.
    2finishing up the string “baby gift for the new grand due next week
    3sitting outside a glorious day and knitting my granito

  18. I always enjoy your podcast, Helen! I must tell you that we had a dear fiber friend pass away suddenly this year. In our knitting group we all are knitting The Hundred Acre Shawl in her homespun and we will wear our shawls on her birthday in January. Thank you for such a beautiful pattern.

    My three things:
    1. Spending the afternoon with a much missed friend.
    2. Aspen trees in full golden glory.
    3. Silly weary giggly talk that comes out all wrong.

  19. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love your patterns 🙂 The three things I am grateful for tday: 1) Listening to your podcast!; 2) A stranger smiling to me on the street early in the morning; 3) The book I am reading in the moment (The Vet’s Daughter, by Barbara Comyns). Lots of love from Germany! 🙂

  20. It’s early morning here and 1. Listening to your podcast, 2. Knitting a sleeve on my whippet cardigan, 3. While drinking a lovely cappuccino. So far, a superb day! Thanks for another sweet podcast. Someday, I hope to be at a Country House Retreat.

  21. The first good thing that happened was that I woke up! Every day that I wake up I am thankful. Life is good. Next, my train to work was on time. Being on time is starting to become a rare occurrence, so I was quite happy this morning. Third, when I arrived at work my kind and thoughtful manager brought me a gift from his overseas trip. I was thrilled to be remembered in such a generous way. It has been a wonderful day and it’s not even 11AM yet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. That’s for another great podcast! Love both of these patterns, especially the Clark socks. Three good things today: okay, #1 I managed to get my kids out the door today, with any major hiccups. #2 I got to spend some quiet time, knitting and listening to your podcast. #3 I can still pre-order Laine magazines, issue 3, from @ayarnstory (Have you seen the sneak peeks of the designs in this issue? I want to knit it all!!)

  23. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. The retreat sounds like such fun!
    Three things I was grateful for on Saturday (9/23/17):
    1. Spent the day with a high school friend at a flea market just for women! Oh the lovely finds.
    2. Found three Christmas presents to purchase at said flea market – yeah, a few items off the present list.
    3. Hubby went and purchased a take out dinner for us (because I was too tired to cook after said flea market trip with friend) and brought it to me on the sofa and then watched a “chick flick” with me.
    Thank you for taking the time to podcast – I really enjoy them!

  24. I enjoyed hearing about the Country House Retreat. It sounds like a lot of fun, and with such a small number of attendees, it must really give you the opportunity to get to know each other.

    Here are my three happy things for today:
    1. I got to drink my full cup of tea with breakfast this morning.
    2. It’s still so warm out that I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses (which is so comfy it feels a bit like wearing PJs).
    3. My daughter was so excited about the hat I finished knitting her last night that she promptly put it on and wore it throughout breakfast!

  25. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm over the retreat.

    three things
    1. Although it is sad that my car was nicked in a parking lot, the happy thing is that filing the claim has been super easy and the repair will be fast.
    2. Our local cobbler. He has been in business for a long time and really does honest, quality work. Every time i have him make a repair, I am grateful for his service.
    3. I found a skein of yarn I knew I had still for the project I am working on.
    And one for good measure…
    4. Robins bathing in the bird feeder and pop up sunflowers in the garden

  26. a haiku…

    Thankful for my hands
    wonderful fibers to boot
    Knit companions too

  27. Thank you for the giveaways. Both of the patterns are beautiful.
    three things 1. Waking up, 2. Knitting time (I don’t always have time to knit everyday), 3. Getting to hang out with my family

  28. Mandi Blumanhourst September 26, 2017 at 8:31 pm

    I am thankful for the health of my family, clearing needles today so I could start a new project, and the cooler weather we are having today.

  29. 3 good things that happened so far today:
    1. I got to knit for 2 hours.
    2. My son has full time work writing and editing.
    3. inhadca wonderful day at work.

    Love, love, love the sock pattern! And I am so thankful you share so many lovely things you receive with us:)

  30. Loved hearing about your retreat! I don’t usually enter giveaways, but I love the concept of the 3 good things. Mine are:
    1. My company sent me to my first conference and I hace been meeting some awesome people.
    2. We went on a riverboat cruise and it was very nice and relaxing .
    3. We are having a last flash of summer with 90 deg F weather, which i totally welcome since I am not ready for fall. 🙂

  31. Both those patterns look wonderful! Thank you for the great giveaway (and of course the lovely podcast; I really enjoyed hearing about all the fun at the retreat).

    My three things:
    – just got over a bit of a cold
    – finished knitting the first sock of a pair and will cast on the second after I finish typing this
    – it was a beautiful fall day and I had a nice walk in the park after work 🙂

  32. Your summer retreat came quickly! Sounded perfect in every way! Both patterns for your giveaway are lovely! Thank you for the opportunity!
    1. I participated in an Ecco-print on silk & raw silk class yesterday. The reveal today was beautiful! So much fun and I learned a new skill!
    2. A cool front has moved in and I believe our several days of 90+F is over!!!
    3. Five friends accepted my invitation for a knit day together in 2 weeks!

  33. I love your podcast and check out the patterns and yarns every week. So enjoyed Camp Curious. Have Snowmelt on the needles / couldn’t keep up with the MKAL. That is about to change…in the 3 things I’m grateful for today:
    1 My Personnel team accepted my retirement plan today, moving up from next year to December 31, 2017.
    2 I am blessed with good health to enjoy it, and
    3 My LYS wants more of my time (I only manage every other Saturday morning right now).

  34. Three great things today….
    1. It finally feels like fall. The temps today were in the 70s rather than mid 90s of the past week
    2. I found some wonderful new fabrics for project bags.
    3. I made a hearty soup using a mystery squash from our garden
    And the day is not over. Hope everyone enjoys their day!

  35. Wonderful podcast, Helen!
    So excited to hear about your retreat – what a lovely way to spend time with kindred spirits!

    Three things I am grateful for (how appropriate as we approach the Canadian Thanksgiving season!):
    1 – my son made it through his big dental surgery yesterday and is recovering well!
    2 – we have had a beautiful Indian summer for the past week and a half. So thankful for sunshine and warmth.
    3 – grateful to be heading to a job I love and home from it to my wonderful family

    Have a great week and thank you for your kind and affirming words on the podcast!

  36. I would love a chance to win this beautiful give away. So much to be greatful today! 1. My wonderful puppy that gives me so much joy. 2. My healthy generous adult children who give selfless everyday. 3. My husband cause everyday is a adventure! Thank you for doing this thoughtful giveaway

  37. Another lovely episode!! I loved hearing about the retreat – and someday, who knows, I will be able to attend some kind of event like that. Today I am grateful for a lot of things, mainly
    1 breakfast with my kids where we laughed a lot
    2 coffee with a friend at a café for a chat
    3 the little chocolate thingy that they serve there with the coffee – something I would never buy for myself but love as a treat every once in a while 🙂

  38. Someday I’ll make it to a retreat!
    The three things I’m happy/grateful for today are:
    1. The heat wave finally broke here in the eastern U.S.
    2. I get to work from home today.
    3 My daughter, who is in her first year in college, comes home for Fall Break a week from today!

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