CH 66: with Daphne Marinopoulos of the Fibre Company

Helen —  March 13, 2015 — 41 Comments

Curious Handmade Podcast 66

Today I have a special guest, Daphne Marinopoulos, founder of the Fibre Company on the show.

The Fibre Company is an artisan yarn company and has many beautiful lines of hand dyed yarn. The Fibre Company was the sponsor of the the Muse Connection Volume 1 and we all received a gorgeous skien of the Terra yarn that you’ll hear Daphne talk about in this episode.

The episode was recorded last week just before we held the first Muse event so you’ll hear us referring to it as if it is happening in the future. In this episode Daphne talks about starting the Fibre Company and her recent move back to Britian and the Lake District. I was fascinated by her description of formulating a new line of yarn and choosing and naming the colours for it. We also have a bit of a deep chat about what crafting and making things with our hands means for both of us!


Muse Connection Volume 1

Edinburgh Yarn Festival

Show Sponsor

Meadow Yarn

Today’s show is sponsored by Meadow Yarn.

There is a beautiful rainbow of colour to browse through in the yarn section at Meadow Yarn and I was talking to Anj about choosing colours for projects and she said:

“Whether it’s opening boxes full of yarn in myriad jewel tones or quietly contemplating the perfect shade of grey, we never tire of thinking about colour and we spend lots of time having our heart strings tugged by the latest ‘perfect red’ or ‘to-die-for green’…. Matching the perfect shade of yarn with the perfect pattern is our ultimate goal and whether it’s a cool aqua whispering ‘cardigan’ to us, or a pop of vivid ruby red begging to be transformed into a warm winter cowl we’re happiest when we’re indulging our love of colour…”

You can find a carefully curated selection of yarn

41 responses to CH 66: with Daphne Marinopoulos of the Fibre Company

  1. nomennescio1840 March 13, 2015 at 9:51 pm

    I really like cobalt.

  2. Outofthisworld on Rav March 14, 2015 at 5:04 am

    Road to China Light is my favorite luxury yarn. I always have a skein or two in my stash.

  3. I would love a goodie bag! Allium looks so lovely.

  4. I would love to try rord to china in any color love them all.

  5. Hello Helen,
    I would love a skein or two of Acadia in Poppy. Which would create a fabulous Red Robin or Velvet Rose!
    Great podcasts x.

  6. I can’t believe I’ve never bought The Fibre Company’s yarns. Such luxury, and I love luxury. The Allium color is really beautiful. I can see a cardigan out of that.

  7. Hi Helen

    I love your podcast and have recently started listening to it.

    I love the Thistle colourway. But they are all beautiful.


  8. Road to China is AMAZING! The colors are ALL so beautiful, that I wish I had every one of them in my stash. I knit gloves for my son who lives in Chicago and they are his favorite…so luxurious! Thank you, Helen for the great podcast and for having Daphne share her great story and future of The Fiber Co.

  9. Road to China Lace, please, for me? Color Verdite 🙂 I loved the podcast, and while listening I knitted a lot!

  10. I am a huge fan of the yarn Acadia and am especially partial to the Juniper colorway!

    I love the podcast and really enjoyed hearing about Daphne’s journey to Fiber Company!

  11. I have never knitted with or held a skein of Fibre Company, so it was fun to discover the different yarns, their composition, and the colors. I can see why the Road to China yarns would be enticing due to their luxurious blends, but I was especially drawn to the Canopy Fingering because of its bright and varied hues. Of the many luscious colors, Jacaranda would be my favorite. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  12. So glad to hear of the Fiber Co. & it’s creator. I’ll be on the look out for this yarn now after hearing her story. I’m liking the color Aloe in the Fingering Yarn.

  13. I adore all of her yarn – great colors and feel- I could never choose just one –

  14. Organik is lovely and I guess my favorite color is Atoll but really all of the yarns are gorgeous and I’m drawn to any of the jewel tone color ways. Nice episode. Great to hear from the creator of this fabulous yarn line.

  15. I really really wish I could narrow my choice down to one, but I honestly can’t. I love ALL the colors! Olive leaf, woad light, butternut, mint, iron, eucalyptus, black locust bark, anemone, and ash all call to me. Thank you for your offer for a chance to win ! <3

  16. I love the Road to China Light. I made the Freyja Sweater out of this yarn and it is absolutely beautiful to work with and so lovely to wear. I have another sweater quantity in stash and I want to design my own colorwork yoke sweater with it.

  17. I’ve been wanting to try the Terra base….hmmm and choose a color? Wild Clary or any of them….all so yum! Thank you for wonderful interview with Ms.Daphne, enjoyed it very much….I wish her the best in this exciting endeavor!

  18. Road to China Light–it is a dream to knit with! I also got some Rod to China Light Lace and I am anxious to knit with this new yarn.

  19. Sherlock_knits March 15, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Thank you for another great episode and for pointing me in the direction of Fibre Company yarns, as I hadn’t heard of them before. There are so many on their site that I would like to try, but I particularly like the Terra range, and the acorn colourway is gorgeous!

  20. Really interesting interview with Daphne! I have been wanting to try the Road to China light yarn, although I haven’t used it yet. It seems luxurious and the colors are absolutely gorgeous.

  21. Thank you Helen for the wonderful episode! It was so interesting to listen to you talking about starting a creative business!

    When I look at the Fibre Company yarns I get curious to try the Canopy fingering yarn. I love the colours and I really like the way the yarn is spun!

  22. Road To China Light sounds like a wonderful combination of fibers. I love the subtle colors. Thanks for a great podcast and such a nice giveaway.

  23. I have favorite color ways throughout the lines, but he line I am drawn most to is Acadia. The colorway Summersweet is just. Wonderful. It really is hard to choose, because of all the variety , there could be a different perfect yarn for many projects.

  24. I have been really wanting to try Acadia – the tweedy texture looks like so much fun to knit with. Thanks for doing the interview and the giveaway!

  25. Fantastic interview Helen! I love The Fibre Company yarns so I was really excited to see that you were interviewing Daphne on your podcast. I loved hearing about the processes she uses and how she started out. Thank you!

  26. I only just now caught up with the podcast.

    I have two favourites
    Terra in Hyancinth or Indigo Dark
    Organik in Heather Moorland.

    I love the shimmer and sheen of the Organik yarn!!!!

  27. Great interview..really interesting to hear about the fiber journey. Their yarns are all amazing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  28. Rachel ravelry 100Creations March 17, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Love Fennel in Meadow yarn. I also love that the fibre company is combining fibers that we don’t always see together.

  29. bernadette dobler March 17, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    oops! posted this on the earlier episode….so here it is again:
    Really enjoyed this episode. It is wonderful hearing stories about women who leave analytical fields to find themselves in the creative realm.
    I do love the Fibre Company’s “canopy worsted” in obsidian…this color has so much depth.
    I’m looking forward to next week’s podcast.

  30. I fell in love with the colourway Agate in Road to China Light at Unravel this year but there was only one skein left (boo hoo) so it is top of my list next time I see some – so beautiful.

  31. I love the Tumeriac colorway in the canopy fingering. It would make a lovely spring cardigan. Thank you Helen for introducing me to this lovely yarn. 🙂

  32. I have never tried the yarn from The Fibre Company and would love to. I love all shades of blue but the colorway from Road to China Light “Apatite” is so lovely from my computer screen. Thanks for sharing the interview- I loved hearing the story of how the company got started. Thanks.
    Tlobner on RAV

  33. I love to try the Tundra line. It looks like it would create great stitch definition 🙂

  34. I love the malachite color!

  35. The Iron colourway is beyond gorgeous! Wish I could have been at the Muse connection.

  36. I knit a pair of mitts in Road to China Light, which are just heavenly, in the Hematite colourway. I would love to try the laceweight in the Rhodolite colour.

  37. Sorrel or lichens…..hard to decide both such beautiful blues.

  38. I love the Road to China especially the Pearl Grey.

  39. Oh the Macaw colourway in Canopy Worsted. Wow! What a colour! *hearts eyes!*

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