CH 75: Choosing shawl patterns

Helen —  May 19, 2015 — 5 Comments

Curious Handmade Podcast Episode 75In this episode I talk about some of the factors that make for an enjoyable shawl project. As always, choosing yarn, pattern, and needles that all play nicely together are really important. I also chat a bit about all the shawls I’m daydreaming about knitting these days.

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Meadow Yarn 

Meadow Yarn is an inviting online retailer selling yarn, needles and notions. It’s a small, family business based in rural Suffolk in the UK. Meadow Yarn was born out of a passion for beautiful yarn and knitting accessories and aims to bring you a range of great products. Yarns stocked include madelinetosh, Eden Cottage Yarn, Hazel Knits and many more.

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This episode is sponsored by The Fibre Company and their newest yarn, Cumbria.

Inspired by England’s stunning northwest region with its deep blue lakes and sheep-grazed fells and valleys, Cumbria is a lustrous blend of brown wool from the rare breed masham sheep, fine South American wool and mohair from South Africa. The resulting light brown-grey shade is then over-dyed creating lovely deep saturated colours. Cumbria is a staple yarn, perfect for garments and accessories alike.

KAL News

Meet My Yarn KAL We have a winner!! Number 25, skibum, aka Anita in real life, has won that special skein of yet-to-be-released Cumbria yarn. Her yarn was Rustic Fingering by The Neighborhood Fiber Co. and she was swatching for Monomania by Ann Weaver. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this KAL. It was fascinating and a lot of fun!

Pebble Beach KAL, hosted by my friend Paula from Knitting Pipeline Ravelry Group, is still going strong. The deadline isn’t until July 5th, so there’s still loads of time if you’d like to get involved. The rules are simple and chilled out:

  • You can use any Curious Handmade pattern

  • It’s okay if you began or finished the object before the start date

  • Don’t forget that there’s a Ravelry coupon code: use KPKAL30 for 30% off until May 31st

  • The hashtag for WIPs and FOs is #pebblebeachKAL. There are already some great projects showing up on Instagram and twitter!

Muse2 KAL We’ve put this together so everyone can join in the fun, no matter where you are on the world. It’s going until June 30th. Nice loose rules on this one, too. Just submit a FO that meets one or more of the following criteria:

Hashtag #muse2KAL for WIPs and FOs!

What’s in the WIP?

I mentioned last week that I’m planning to knit Rachel Coopey’s Oleum socks for the Muse 2 KAL. So far I’ve printed out the pattern and wound the yarn: it’s progress, and I’ll take it!

Show Links

I talked about the two Craftsy classes I’m enjoying right now

Shawlscapes by Stephen West

Laura Nalkin’s Mastering Lace Shawls

I mentioned that specialist lace needles, like Addi Lace, can be handy for the delicate lace yarns.

Three shawl patterns mentioned in this episode:

Aisling by last week’s guest Justina Lorkowska

Swallowtail by Evelyn A. Clark

Echo Flower by Jenny Johnson Johnen

That should just about wrap it up for this episode! I hope you enjoyed the show. Happy knitting in the week ahead!

5 responses to CH 75: Choosing shawl patterns

  1. Another lovely episode – I listened whilst writing my note for my gradient shawl club and have listed your “Glitz at the Ritz” pattern as the suggested one. Hopefully some new listeners will come and hear you fabulous podcast on shawls!

  2. I always look forward to a new episode and set aside time to listen when I can fully focus to the podcast. This episode was one I was really looking forward to, so I listened in the car while driving back home from my daughter’s house. As usual, it didn’t disappoint! I have been listening since your early days of podcasting, and have really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you for the informative podcast. I think that you touched several areas that I wished I had known earlier in my shawl knitting (some which are WIP’s). One thing that is really critical for me is reading my knitting. I listened to the Laura Nelkin Save Our Stitches craftsy class and it was very helpful as you suggested the mastering lace shawls class was. In SOS the whole class is identifying and fixing mistakes (and when said mistakes may become design features). From there, I read with the JC Briar Charts Made Simple (there is an interweave DVD and the book ). It really made a difference in how I see my knitting. I still count and use stitch markers and those wonderful lifelines, but at least I see my mistakes more easily and can correct them earlier. I really love shawls, making them and knitting them. I have never designed anything, because I thought it was too difficult, however, there are so many beautiful lace patterns, I think that maybe my goal for 2016 will be to figure how to mix and match lace patterns and try to make a scarf and then a shawl. Maybe, right now I am having fun doing what others have designed for me and as you said, each day there are new patterns and styles waiting to be tried!! Thanks again for your podcasts, Ricki

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