Curious Collective Shawl Project: Week 5

Helen —  June 16, 2013 — 21 Comments

I have a little treat for you this week. I am very excited to announce that the Curious Collective Shawl Project is being sponsored by Juno Fibre Arts. I will be knitting the knitting the shawl in the exquisite Juno Alice sock (70% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk 10% Cashmere) and this week you get to decide on the colour combination for the sample.

Juno yarns are hand dyed by Asti Grafham in her studio in Devon and the colours are absolutely luminous. I used Juno Alice for Glitz at the Ritz and it is divine to knit with.

Here are the colour combinations to choose from for this week’s poll. I’ve included larger pictures here and then smaller images in the poll itself.

Juno Alice in Pewter and Goldmine

Juno Alice in Pewter and Goldmine

Juno Alice in Canopy and Sage

Juno Alice in Canopy and Sage

Juno Alice in Bittersweet and Velvet

Juno Alice in Bittersweet and Velvet

Juno Alice in Raisin and Heather Shadow

Juno Alice in Raisin and Heather Shadow

Juno Alice in Corn Dolly and Oyster

Juno Alice in Corn Dolly and Oyster

Juno Alice in Potpourri and Boudoir

Juno Alice in Potpourri and Boudoir

There is no way I could choose the colourway combination out of these beauties myself and I think you have a very tough job ahead of you this week!

[polldaddy poll=”7181798″]

If you haven’t yet purchased the Curious Collective Shawl pattern it isn’t too late, and it is still a bargain at half price – $3 (USD).

I’d love to hear any comments you have about the poll this week. Have your vote and have fun!

The poll will close Friday 21 June at Midday (GMT).

21 responses to Curious Collective Shawl Project: Week 5

  1. amazing colours. love them all but was able to cast my vote!

  2. Helen I think it was very unfair of you to make us choose between such beautiful colour combinations 😉
    Twenty minutes and three mind changes later I chose and cast my vote. Fingers crossed!
    Thank you for the fun I’ve had so far!

  3. ohhh how hard was that..loved three of them but decided…finally… looking where to buy the yarn in.the colours i voted for… xxx thanks for a really great poll cant wait to start.

  4. I absolutely love Juno yarns and Alice in particular! I had no problem choosing a favourite colour combination but whatever wins it will be gorgeous.
    Can’t wait to see the pattern!

  5. I have a feeling this is just going to be great. The whole idea of a world shawl is facinating. I am so curious to see the end-result.

  6. The color combinations are very nice. Will we have more than one option to choose from? It’s hard to pick just one.

  7. have gone over to the site and can’t seem to find this yarn…need to know how muvh it will be… any ideas??

  8. I love the colors that yarn comes in! I’m really looking forward to seeing this shawl as it grows.

    Though, if I may ask, could you recommend an alternate yarn for those of us want to knit the shawl who have animal fiber allergies?

  9. I loves the color combos!!! There are 3 sets I would LOVE!!! Are we going to have options or are we all going to have to use the same colors???

  10. May I add to Beccy’s comment to recommend a shawl kit

  11. Color me jealous. I voted but now I’m sitting and sulking that you have them all!

  12. Beautiful color combinations and hard to choose just one. Can’t wait to see how the voting comes out!

  13. Wow, brilliant colors! Do you think that Juno Fibre Arts could offer us the yarn for this shawl, too? I’ve never knitted with yarn from them (being from Germany…), but would love to.

  14. As color choice depends on factors such as skin tone, wardrobe, etc., I think it would be wonderful to offer the shawl in multiple color ways (perhaps in kits, as previously suggested). People choose yarn (and fiber) based on price/sensitivities/location and that will definitely affect the outcome of each project. Having multiple color ways to choose from would help those of us who are color-challenged, yet it would keep the ‘KAL’ group dynamic.
    I would love to see Ravelry pages filled with each of the color choices you’ve presented.

  15. I love every one of these combinations. I’m sure glad this poll is just for YOUR sample and that I can make one of each 🙂 when our turn comes. I chose something outside my usual comfort zone in hopes that it will win and I can see yours in a combination that I would not usually choose.

  16. I love almost all – this was impossible! Any combination will be beautiful!

  17. The colors are delicious! It was really hard to choose, but I finally did. I, too, think it would be ‘neat’ to have this available in a kit. Thanks so much for making this KAL available to us.

  18. Wow, that was a tough decision!! I could happily use any of those combinations!

  19. Dear Helen,
    it´s such fun to be a member of this project. So lovely the colours. It was hard to choose, but i took my favourites. Now I´m excited, which combination it will be.
    All in all it is an awsome project. I´m happy! Thank you for your great ideas……

  20. Is there any way all colors (or at least the top 3 combo’s!!!) can be available??? Pretty Please???!!! 🙂

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