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Helen —  January 27, 2015 — 8 Comments

As we come to the end of January, it’s a good time to reflect on progress with your New Year’s plans. For those of us who have picked goals or themes to make life a bit simpler and a bit more fun in 2015, the first month might have led to a little bit of reflection and realisation about our previous goals.

Global Nomad Cowl

For me, 2014 was about dreaming big. I set myself the challenge to design delightful things, write the most helpful patterns possible and support you to make that perfect knitted item.

On that journey I designed and published 17 new knitting patterns

Hosted over 10 KALs

Produced 45 podcasts

And attended some extraordinary events.

I covered topics from tips and tutorials for your knitting and stories of my travels. I shared some of the ups and downs of starting a creative indie business. It was wonderful to meet lots of you in person as well as connect with readers and knitters online who shared their stories.

So what does 2015 hold for me?

My new challenge starts with you! I want each person that follows Curious Handmade to have the confidence to admit “I am creative”!

I can relate to lacking in confidence when it comes to practical skills or being unsure of where to take the inspiration I find and channel it in order to create something beautiful and unique. That’s why you can expect more KALs, more gorgeous hand knit patterns and more ways to be part of the Curious Handmade community.

One way I’ve started this challenge in my own life has been to simply and declutter. It can feel distracting to have too much clutter around and chores hanging over you that you’ve been meaning to do for months (years!). Often it can feel that being creative gets pushed to the back of the queue in the humdrum of everyday life. I want to make sure that you find inspiration and time to create something truly beautiful in 2015 whether that’s on your commute to work, jet setting across the globe or from the safety of your favourite knitting spot!

I’m pledging to keep it simple and be creative in 2015. Are you?

8 responses to My 2015 Pledge

  1. I love this. I’ve been dealing with this exact struggle! I don’t think our society values creativity as much as it should (either that or it defines it so narrowly that surely those of us sitting at home being quietly creative don’t fit the mold.) But realizing that we ARE creative is so freeing!

    Thanks so much for this inspiring post! I’m looking forward to the KALs, etc.!

    • Thanks so much Stephanie! Yes we are all creative! I think you will love this week’s episode of the podcast (Episode 60).

  2. Decluttering mission on here too (with a deadline)
    I veer between being unable to let go of anything, and wanting to get a skip. Multiple skips.

    • Hee Hee – I know what you mean Gail. I’m hanging on tightly to some crazy things while there is a huge pile of stuff to go in the hallway.

  3. Wonderful pledge! I blogged yesterday about clearing things and letting go (creatively and at home) and am feeling very in tune with your post. I look forward to reading more 🙂 x

    • I just read your great post – we are definitely thinking along the same lines Sarah! I totally agree – life is too short for scratchy yarn!

  4. Such a great post and an inspiring one too. I’ve been on a decluttering kick too although I don’t think I have achieved as much as I wanted to I am definitely on the right path to a more clutter free existence.
    Decluttering my workspace has allowed me to carve out some space for creativity and that is something I definitely want to focus on more over the coming months.
    I used to think that I could never be one of those creative ‘arty’ types but now I’m coming to realise that it is a gift each of us has – we just need to liberate it. And not having it buried under a mountain of acrylic yarn certainly helps 🙂

    • Hahaha so true about creativity being buried under clutter! Having less physical clutter certainly helps with freeing up some mental space too. Thanks for joining in the project Louise.

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