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TMC Volume 1 with Drink, Shop, Do

Helen —  February 10, 2015 — 1 Comment

When hosting a creative event, you need a great venue!

We chose Drink Shop Do to host the first gathering of The Muse Connection because of it’s central London location and has a quirky, crafty feel. If you’ve not been before, you should pop in for some tea and cake or pour over their shop at the front. I love the oversized sweetie jars, mismatched furniture and beautiful light.

Here’s some details of what to expect…

Drink Shop Do shop front

The space where we’ll be hosting our creative hangout:

Drinks Shop Do Dome

The cakes on offer are delicious and we’ve saved some just for you!

DSD Cakes

If you want to stay and enjoy the venue a little longer, there’s a fabulous selection of cocktails and treats to eat too:


Tempted? You can find more details here and grab the last few remaining tickets- they’re selling fast!

How to Host a Crafternoon Tea

Helen —  April 8, 2013 — 5 Comments

There is nothing nicer than getting together with crafty friends for an afternoon of chatting, making things, drinking tea and catching up on each other’s lives.

Here are my tips for a lovely crafternoon tea!

1. Set the table with your best linen and crockery

Use the good stuff!

Vintage embroidered tablecloth

2. Invite your crafty crew

However many you can fit around the table. The more the merrier.

Note: Do not attempt this in the months of January (no one is eating cake), August (everyone is away), or December (everyone is mentally busy, either crafting top secret gifts and therefore can’t craft in public or has other committments).

If you’re having trouble getting people together, is a nifty scheduling tool I’ve discovered recently.


3. Brew a nice pot of tea (or three)

You can even serve bubbles or wine if you don’t have to deal with kids dinner/bedtime afterwards (ah the good old days).

Please admire the gorgeous tea cosy by the lovely and talented Ting.

Tea Cosy

4. Bake lots of delicious cakes and invite your friends to bring delicious goodies too

It doesn’t matter if it turns out a little wonky! Or even if you don’t have time to ice your cupcakes. It will all look lovely on pretty plates (see point number 1).


5. Spend lots of time admiring each others projects

Expanding the list of things to make and stash to acquire is really the whole point of a crafternoon tea. And to eat cake of course. If you’re lucky you might fit in a few rows of knitting.


We really think Ting should write up the pattern to this adorable hat-and-cowl in one. Don’t you agree?

Pretty flowers

At the end, we reluctantly pack up our projects and eagerly plan for our next gathering. Before December!

Emma at Crafternoon Tea