CH 105: Choosing Your Word for the Year

Helen —  January 1, 2016 — 7 Comments

CH 105 Podcast

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Acadia is named after the oldest American national park east of the Mississippi river, a place of natural beauty where the sea and mountains meet, slopes are densely forested and wild blueberries abound. Acadia National Park is in the state of Maine, The Fibre Co.’s birthplace.  The yarn inspired by this beautiful region has a rustic look and a soft hand. A subtle tweed effect is created by the silk noil that is combined with a heathered base made from fine merino wool and brown baby alpaca. The yarn is a classic DK weight and makes a beautiful textured fabric that is perfect for next to the skin accessories as well as garments.

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I give some tips to help you choose a word for the year.

Susannah Conway – finding your word for the year email mini course

What is your word for the year?

January Podcast Theme is Stash Appreciation Month

The rough structure for the month is:

Week 1: Review Stash and organise – this may include editing and destashing

Week 2: Document the stash – “manage what you measure”

Week 3: Make some goals and maybe “rules”

Week 4: Plan specific projects with stash yarn

Are you keen to join in?

7 responses to CH 105: Choosing Your Word for the Year

  1. I look forward to these podcasts. Happy New Year. I like the idea of choosing a word for the year. My husband and I usually name the years on our Wedding Anniversary in August. Like, “the year of adventures:, etc. A personal word, I think would be lovely, though. I’m off to think about that as I knit on my 3 day weekend. I’ll join in for the stash appreciation, too. I had planned to go through and purposely match up some projects to the yarn. I could probably knit all of this year’s Christmas gifts from stash yarn.

  2. Thanks for another great podcast. My experiences from last year have taught me that I need balance in my life, thus, Balance is my word for 2016. I look forward to this year. I am joining in with your stash appreciation. I have started already.

  3. Hello Helen.
    I just listened to your first new year podcast! You asked for comments about inventorying and listing ones stash on ones Ravelry page. I highly recommend doing that! I had not done that, and did not think it would be at all relevant Then an Australian knitting companion encouraged me to do it. She helped me to list the first few items, and I went on from there. It’s been like a wonderful gift to myself! It did not take as much time to inventory and list the stash as I had thought it would. (I even took the photos at the same time). And it was fun!
    The FIRST THING I noticed was I had lots of ONE cloud of yarn (blue). Lesson: branch out into other colors. Secondly, I realized the quantities of various weights of yarn that I had. Right away I could see which types of projects I could knit up.
    From then on, anytime I’ve bought a yarn, I list it and post a photo in my stash before putting it away. This has been a great organizational tool! It has actually helped me SIMPLIFY! I’ve de-stashed yarns that I realized I would never use, and planned projects with other yarns I had forgotten about.
    Also, besides just being an inventory, the stash gets “linked” to ones patterns and library. I don’t even know all of the ways it works, but it’s pretty neat.
    Listing my stash has NOT inhibited me from buying yarn, as some gals seem to fear it will. Instead, it has helped me plan projects, look for complementary colors or yarn weights, and realize what “treasures ” are hidden for me! Sue

  4. Christine carpenter January 4, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    My word for 2016 is Gratitude.
    The world seems unsafe and unkind at the moment so I want to really focus on the things that I am truly thankful for .I want to try and be kind and grateful for all the wonderful things that happen.
    Happy new year .
    I am grateful for you and your inspiring podcasts
    Thank you

  5. I look forward to organizing and enjoying my stash in tandem with you this year! I really enjoyed your Word for the Year and decided to give it a try. My word for 2016 is Stronger and it fits nicely with my personal and knitting goals for the year. Good luck on narrowing down your word – I know I started to write my goals/hopes for the year and my word just jumped in my head as a way to bind them all together!

  6. Hi Helen, when you shared the idea of having a word of the year it really resonated with me. I’m not a “resolutions person” either, but like the idea of self-improvement, so I immediately felt like putting this into action would work for me. The word “Focus” is what I picked; I’ve needed to focus on several areas in my life, so it felt right. So far so good!

    Thanks for the wonderful episodes and all of your inspiration,
    Kelly aka ShortysSutures

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