The joy of making things is a deep, nurturing kind of happiness. That escape into a world of texture, rhythm, and colour, even for just a few moments in the middle of a busy day. The satisfaction of learning a new skill and a new way to bring beauty into the world. The pleasure of sharing what you’ve made with others who are every bit as smitten as you.

I’m Helen Stewart, and I created Curious Handmade for passionate makers around the world. With a weekly podcast, timeless knitting patterns, helpful resources and a thriving community, Curious Handmade is a place to revel in the wonder of making things by hand.

I live in the Sunshine Coast of Australia with my two crafty kids, a silly puppy named Sindy, and an undisclosed number of works-in-progress at any given time. 

I started Curious Handmade to share the delight I find in creativity with other adventuresome, like-minded souls. Early in my knitting journey, I discovered what a difference it makes when you work with a well-written pattern, the right materials and tools, and a helpful friend: those three elements still inspire everything Curious Handmade does. 

My designs are simple, romantic, and easy to wear: beautiful patterns which are straightforward enough for everyone to achieve but exciting enough to enchant the knitting-obsessed. I also love bringing knitters together to share unforgettable experiences with special events and mystery collections like Knitvent, The Shawl Society and The Handmade Sock Society.

If you’d like to get started on a creative knitting journey of your own and want a bit of support and company along the way, sign up for one of our free online knitting workshops and surprise yourself with what’s possible!


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