CH 141: Baby Knitting (for Fresh New People!)

Helen —  September 23, 2016 — 51 Comments



This week I’m talking about the freshest of fresh starts: a brand new baby! There seem to be a lot of babies on the way in the knitting podcast world, and I’m looking forward to a fresh new niece to knit for very soon. I give a rundown of some of my favourite patterns for baby gifts, and my own fantasy knitting queue for fresh babies.

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That’s everything for this week’s episode (it’s quite a lot!) I’ll talk to you next week. Until then, happy knitting!

51 responses to CH 141: Baby Knitting (for Fresh New People!)

  1. Hello! The thibg about knitting that brings me the most joy is how making by one little loop after another from a straight piece of yarn, I can make anything I want. The possibilities make it magical.

  2. Finishing a project that has taken a lot of time is the best feeling! Seeing the face of a new momma when she sees the sweater I’ve knit for her little one is indescribable joy!

  3. best joy is when I see others enjoying what I knitted for them.

  4. I think the beginning of a new project gives me the most joy. Don’t get me wrong, I love to finish things too, but something about the potential, the creativity running high and the “this is going to be great” feeling. This might explain why I always have many things going at once! 🙂

  5. Lifting a brand new project off the blocking mats and trying it on for the first time!

  6. What gives me the most joy is being able to share my love for the craft with my students. I always love when the boys in my classes express interest and are brave enough to show up when I run extra-curricular knitting club.

    Mindfulness is a focus in our school and I would love to be able to read and then share this book with the other educators in my department:)

  7. As someone who is obsessed with knitting it’s hard to pinpoint it to one thing. I love every part of it. From looking for a project, looking for yarn, collecting lovely yarn and patterns. Casting on, the actual knitting, binding off and wearing what I’ve made. I think the calm it brings though is unrivaled for me. My anxiety has been on a bit of a high do at the moment as I’m facing into some changes in my life. Knitting has kept me grounded though and I retreating to the meditative rhythm of stockinette stitch in the round, and the enjoyable challenge of a colour work yoke, I managed to knock out a sweater in a week. So not only did I have a new garment to wear while embarking on a new journey, my anxiety was calmed.

  8. As the my kids would say to my same question, “all of it!”

    I get far more out of knitting than I could ever describe. I get peace, relaxation, meditation, memories, compliments, satisfaction, occasionally frustration, new learning opportunities, a conversation starter, tactile entertainment and then of course, the actual knitted pieces. Thanks for a great podcast.

  9. Great episode. You mentioned a few of my favorite baby patterns and gave me a few ideas as well!

    There is so much that I get from knitting– zen, perseverance, the ability to create. I would love explore and experience this book!

  10. Everything about knitting brings me joy. I have won found joy in in-knitting, taking out the stitches of a project that wasn’t working and imaging what it might become. And then the friendships I have developed from knitting – such lovely people!

  11. As likely true for many of us, knitting is a wonderful stress-reliever. I find myself getting anxious if I don’t knit daily with a cup of tea. The entire process is a joy (yes, I’m a process knitter). Another benefit, I don’t seem to snack in the evenings when my hands are busy (something my aging body sure appreciates!)

    This book sounds wonderful. Thanks for your enjoyable podcast; the goals discussions have been inspirational.

  12. Seeing my grandchildren wearing want I make them, it makes a grandma heart sing ❤️

  13. The thing that gives me joy in my knitting is being able to steal some time just for me. Even if it’s just 5 minutes it’s a little escape from life as a mum of 2, a student and a wife.

  14. Knitting brings me joy during a fibromyalgia flare ups. It brings me calmness and gives me something to focus on instead my pain.

  15. I love the process of choosing pattern, then yarn, then knitting and finishing. Also I love giving as presents and giving to myself… love everything so much joy especially making for my grandchild …

  16. I love knitting garter stitch. Cushy and meditative.

  17. I love the quiet time that comes along with knitting. I love concentrating on my hands and making the stitches. It’s a wonderful practice in relaxation.

  18. Knitting is my treat and my indulgence. I love to make something useful, and I feel so happy that I have found a hobby to do just that. There is something so peaceful and gentle about knitting those stitches and I find myself craving the craft when I am at work.
    I also love using well-crafted tools, and supporting independent dyers and small businesses.

  19. Hello Helen,

    That was a lovely episode once again.

    Knitting brings me great joy because it is the chance to spread my wings in a creative way and to learn at my own pace. I’m still a kid at heart and feel a trill of joy when I hold a finished item and think: “I made this!”

  20. Knitting is a chance to relax and switch off for five minutes or hopefully longer. Then when I project is finished it is so satisfying to have learnt something new and use the results.

  21. I love the feel and color of the gorgeous yarn available.

  22. I love watching a project as it grows, and as a relatively new knitter I find turning a heel or making a buttonhole magical! I also love how I learn something every single time I knit – a new technique, a tip for keeping stitches the right tension.

  23. I am a new knitter and am already hooked on the entire process from start to finish. I have enjoyed the challenge of knitting and will keep at it until I get it right and am able to wear what I have created. I love sitting with the fabulous yarn while my cat attemps to bat the yarn away from my hands. I usually give him his own ball of yarn to play with. I also enjoy reading knitting books. The are generally full of new techniques to help me on this beautiful journey I have been on.

  24. If you think of joy as contentment then it’s the process of knitting that I find soothing.
    I have quite a pressured job, and a while ago I started knitting a few rows each day with my morning cuppa to get a gift knitted on time and found that I handled whatever the day threw at me more easily and calmly – which convinced me of knitting’s meditative qualities. It would be interested read other thoughts on this subject

  25. Like many others, I love everything about knitting, but most especially enjoy knitting (or weaving) with my own handspun yarn. I love the textures, the colours, the actual knitting and the end result. An extra special joy for me is seeing some knitworthy person wearing my knits.

  26. Thanks again for a great podcast. I listen to you at work in Finland.

  27. And joy comes when i give knitting as a gift. My friends appriciate my knitting.

  28. The process of making things calms me, when life is always so stressed. The end product is not always the goal, it often doesn’t turn out as well as I hope, but it doesn’t matter! The best thing though is the bond that knitting forms. My daughter (almost 6) sees me doing it and wants to do what I do (whether it’s knit, crochet or sew). I love how I learned from my grandmother and can now pass it on, how I can go to a knitting social event and know I have something in common with people I may never have met before, and how satisfying it is to support the many entrepreneurial people (mostly women!) that have turned it into a vocation.

  29. There are two main reasons I love knitting so much. The first is the meditative quality of the act of knitting. Nothing reduces my stress more than the act of methodically creating stitch after stitch. It’s a reliable and easy way to relax. The second is that knitting creates things that keep me and my family warm. It’s nice to know that the hours of pleasure I spend knitting actually have a tangible outcome that serve a purpose.

  30. Knitting takes me back to happy memories of a less hectic world. I love so many things about knitting – the quietness and soothing rhythm of the process, Knitting attracts invisible threads of love to the gifts I am enjoying making. Knitting reminds me of what is important in life.

    I have improved W H Davies’ poem : ) ‘Leisure’

    What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare? No time to stand beneath the boughs. And stare as long as sheep or cows. No time to see and squish the yarn, and knit the babies pretty things…

  31. For me, knitting is that little oasis of calm and sanity amongst the hectiness of raising 3 kids (and 2 step kids). I love that I can take it with me, and grab a few moments wherever possible. The calming feeling of focusing on those little stitches should be bottled and sold in all pharmacies! (Or we can just teach more people to knit!)

  32. Seeing that beautiful skein become something even more beautiful – and useful!!

  33. For me the greatest aspects of knitting are portability and a way to decrease pain and stress.

  34. I will be buying a copy of this book no matter what! It sounds right up my street.

    It’s difficult for any of us to pinpoint just one thing about knitting that gives us joy. But if I had to narrow it down it would be a combination of the mental fun of planning and imagining combinations of yarn and project along with the very tactile pleasure of yarn or fibre in my hands as I spin or make stitches over and over and over. The movements are simple and they build something amazing through repetition and thought. Love everything about fibre!

  35. Hi Helen knitting and the whole process of creating from being drawn to a design that captures my heart, the excitement of choosing colours and what blend of yarn I will use, the winding of the yarn and that spiritual connection with the project as I cast it on, the way it soothes my soul each time I pick it up and have my precious alone time, to casting off and blocking that precious creation brings such profound joy that no other hobby ever has !

  36. The planning process brings me a lot of joy. I love matching patterns to yarn and dreaming about what to knit and I especially love casting on a new project!

  37. What brings me the most joy is putting the finished object on for the first time once it has been blocked.

  38. Everything – the process from the sheep getting sheared to the wool getting spun, wound and dyed and then an amazing knitted finished object is made – knitting friends are the best they understand so much and provide so much fun. I love the a knit and purl stitch can produce so much – there is always something new tolearn

  39. The thing about knitting that gives me the most pleasure is the finished object! I enjoy the art of creating something.

  40. I started out as a sewer and am still more skilled with my sewing machine but I love that knitting makes me sit back and relax properly – and it is sociable. Spendng an evening with the sewing machine whirring away may mean that I have a completed top at the end of it but my poor family will have had the sitting room overtaken with the noise and mess. If I knit we can sit together, chat or watch a film….I’m pretty sure knitting is going to take up more and more of my time as I benefit from it’s relaxing nature!

  41. The most joy from knitting is difficult because so many joys are had. I enjoy learning new techniques, using them in a new-to-me pattern and seeing the results. I also enjoy the entire fiber process, from kinds of fiber to yarn produced and all the links in between. I like that I produce something that is unique – my very own product.
    But I think what I truly enjoy above all else is the community of knitting. Friends I would never have met, experiences I would never have had, joy in many forms – all because of knitting!

  42. If I had to pick just one thing that gives me joy with my knitting it would be looking at a newly completed project that has just been washed and is drying on the rack in my bathroom. I like going in and admiring it, and am always in a hurry for it to dry so I can wear it again if it is for me, or gift it if it is for someone else.

  43. Heather Aldhouse October 3, 2016 at 7:48 am

    Knitting is my little oasis of calm. It soothes and occupies my mind and helps keep me focussed in the present. I love a bit of squishing, too!

  44. I love the sense of possibility each new skein and each new pattern brings. Creating something from two sticks and string is endlessly fascinating. I also love the joy of learning new techniques.

  45. I think the steady, methodical stitch-by-stitch building is what give me the most joy. Since my hands almost automatically form the stitches, I am free to send a good thought to the person who will get the project, or give myself a a second or two of kindness if it for me. And there is always another stitch, so the joy is endless.

  46. Knitting makes me relax during the week, and makes me not stress about work.

  47. Angie Ross (silvergoosegog on Ravelry) October 4, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    My knitting brings me joy in many ways, Helen. I was taught by my granny and mum – and neither are around any longer, so knitting is an important connection to them both. It fulfils my need to be creative – but at times, the repetitiveness of knitting can be relaxing and soothing, forcing me to just slow down. And I love seeing the faces of those who have enjoyed the knits I have made for them; I knit a little bit of love in with each and every stitch!

  48. I love the feel of the yarn in my fingers and the rhythmic motions of the stitches. It’s soothing and at the same time visually stimulating–a win-win for me!

  49. Michelle Miller October 4, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    I love that it fits so many needs. It can relax or calm me. It provides relief from boredom while waiting. Allows me to be creative even if I’m just matching colors. Gives me pride in my abilities or challenges me to learn. Even when it all goes wrong – I can easily rip out the mistakes and start fresh with no one the wiser.

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