Ch 159: Winning old WIPs and a book review: Texture by Hannah Fettig

Helen —  February 9, 2017 — 43 Comments


Exploring this month’s theme in a new way: sometimes growth can mean looking forwards as well as backwards! I confront a long-neglected WIP (with exciting results) and also have the chance to review Hannah Fettig’s gorgeous new book.

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Meadow Yarn

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Curious Handmade KAL News:

The Snowmelt MKAL is going strong!

We are in week two of Snowmelt, and it’s very exciting. The spoiler thread is full of inspiring photos of shawls in progress, and new knitters are joining us every day. It’s honestly not too late to jump on board.

Just buy the pattern here and come meet us in the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group! You’re in plenty of time to catch up, as the KAL is running until March.

The Not Seen Before MKAL

Quite a few of the Curious Crew are doing both MKALs, which is very exciting. I can’t wait to see everyone’s WIPs as they develop.

What’s in the WIP:

Hermione’s Everyday Socks in hand dyed yarn by Cast on Cast Off

Vintage Fairy Light Socks in Circus Tonic Handmade

Vanilla socks in hand dyed yarn by Suffolk Socks in the Ted base

Times Square in Knightsbridge by the Fibre Company

This is one of the “unmentionable WIPs” that has haunted me for a year, but after facing my fears I’m making amazing progress.

Show Links:

Texture: Exploring Stitch Patterns in Knitwear by Hannah Fettig

Hannah’s lovely introduction video for the book.

Wharf Street in Owl by Quince and Co

Eventide Cardigan in Finch by Quince and Co

West End Cardigan in Owl by Quince and Co


I’m so delighted that Hanna has generously offered us a copy of Texture to give away! If you’d like to learn how to be in with a chance to win, be sure to listen to the episode! You’ll have two weeks to enter this one.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for listening, and happy knitting!

43 responses to Ch 159: Winning old WIPs and a book review: Texture by Hannah Fettig

  1. West End would be the garment that is would most like to make from Texture by Hannah Fettig. Enjoyed listening to the podcast this am.

  2. Nice podcast Helen. I’m so glad you finally tackled that WIP. I like both patterns that you did from Texture, and I think the Eventide would be the first I’d knit, probably in some Spirit Trails Sunna that I have in my stash. Have a wonderful vacation
    bluebirdnest on Ravelry

  3. I really like the Big Texture Cowl. Thanks!

  4. First thing on my needles would be the Morning Jacket! 🙂 quickly followed by many more patterns from the book 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book! 🙂
    RoseVuokko on Ravelry

  5. I totally agree with you about just ripping something out, and finding another use for the yarn if you’re not in love with the WIP–but also your point about just knitting it when it’s on the needles. I always have many projects going, and really enjoy switching back and forth between WIPs. Some days, I’ll knit on 4 different projects. I think it helps my hands, as well, as they tend to be on different sized needles. I have been eyeing Texture, and don’t know which sweater I would knit first. I would love to have it and browse! Thanks for a great podcast. So inspiring!

  6. Congrats on getting back on the Time Square horse! I was wondering what had happened to it 🙂

    I think my favorite in the jennie drop shoulder, but I also really like the Pierside Cardigan too

  7. Great podcast, as always! Thanks for keeping me company on my commute home. 🙂 Texture is a wonderful collection! I especially like the West End Cardigan. Thanks for the opportunity to win! -Kristina/Wanderlustknits on Rav

  8. I enjoyed your podcast. Thank you! I would either knit Eventide or Art Walk Cardi first. I’m greatly enjoying the MKAL.
    KnitGen on Ravelry

  9. Loved the podcast and I LOVE looking through Hannah Fettig’s Texture patterns. They are all so beautiful! I would probably knit the Eventide cardigan first. I love open cardigans and it would get a lot of use in our very mild winters here in California.

  10. I would knit the Boatyard pullover first from this book. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  11. I have numerous knitting/crochet books that I bought for the enjoyment of reading more so than making, nice to know others do too! I love open cardigans though, I would make the Pierside cardi from Texture.

  12. This book looks truly beautiful – there’s not a pattern in it that I don’t want to knit but if I had to choose I’d love to try the WestEnd cardigan – it would be the perfect wardrobe staple … I also particularly love the knitted kerchief too!

  13. I really enjoyed your podcast Helen – best of luck to you in completing that WIP! You’ve inspired me to get on with my own longstanding WIP – by doing just a little work on it every day.
    The book by Hanna Fettig looks lovely – I would try the Pretty Little Cardi first I think – the Piper yarn sounds beautiful and soft.

  14. Yay for getting back to the project. I hope you get them both finished up soon. I would knit the Jennie Drop Shoulder pullover first.

  15. Hi Helen! Thanks for another great podcast. I can totally related to your struggle with finishing some projects. I have found the upside to finishing something that has been hibernating for a while, once it’s picked up again I feel like it just flys off the needles. I have had a few sweaters and pairs of socks that I put aside for a year or so. Once I started them again I wondered why I put them down in the first place..and finished them.
    After looking after looking at Hannah Fettig ‘ s new book, Texture, my favorite is the Pretty Little Cardi. Looks perfect to pair with a dress or pair of jeans. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Warmly ~ Zoë

  16. Eventide cardi for me as I like the open-front cardigans. And BTW I have my own long-term WIP: a color affection shawl. I started it and didn’t like the second color. Ripped back and bought new yarn. But I just haven’t been able to get started again. Perhaps your words will get me going. Thanks for an always-interesting podcast.

  17. Thanks so much Helen! Texture looks really nice and the pattern I would like to know it is the morning jacket! Yay!

  18. I love so many of these garments! I think I would knit the wharf street pullover first. It just looks so cozy and distinctive.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Really enjoy your podcast. It is always inspiring. I think Eventide is the sweater for me. I do like figuring weight because it isn’t too hot to wear!

  20. i like the Big Cable cowl and Morning Jacket.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win the pattern book!

  21. Hi Helen
    I’ve just listened to your podcast while working on my Snowmelt shawl – it feels right to be doing both these things at the same time! This is definitely not going to be an unfinished wip (got lots of those already) I’ve been looking at the Texture photos and have fallen in love with the Jennie drop shoulder cardigan.. I’d love to win this pattern, thanks for the opportunity.

  22. Hi Helen,
    I think I would knit the Pierside Cardigan as I’m always a sucker for shawl collars on cardigans. Great podcast and I hope you have a lovely holiday!

  23. Hi Helen,
    thanks you again for such an enjoyable Podcast! I would love to make myself the West End Cardigan from ‘Texture’. Thanks to you and Hannah for the chance to win it.

  24. Love your podcast. You help keep me sane on my commute. And, I felt somewhat affirmed listening that you have put off a project for so long. I have a cardigan in a project bag now for at least 18 months- it is on my list to get back to once I finish a couple other things- 2017 is my year to finish that card! Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing pattern book. I think I would like to tackle first the Eventide sweater!

  25. I really enjoy your podcast. I have to jump on the Eventide train. I got to try this piece on at the Knitting Pipeline Maine retreat last Septemebr when Hannah visited and it is lovely! Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. Hi Helen,
    The West end cardigan is what I would knit first! Love your podcast and am definitely going to go through my WIPS after hearing your last episode. Such a shame for all the yummy yarn to be hidden away when you forget where you got up to! Time to make a decision!
    Thanks, Gill (gilliana82 on ravelry)

  27. I enjoyed your podcast and I liked hearing about how you handled your WIP. I took a good look at all of my WIPs last year and I frogged the ones that I knew I would not finish and I continued with the ones that I was enjoying. Now, I only have items on the needles that I want to work on. Regarding Hannah’s book, I really like the Eventide Cardi.

  28. I seriously actually love every pattern in this book!! That’s not something I think you could say very often. So I would make everything in this!! But to pick one, I’ve been promising my husband a jumper for a long time and I think Boatyard would be perfect for him! Thanks so much for the chance to win and well done Hannah, it’s beautiful!

  29. All the patterns in Texture are gorgeous, but my favourite is the West End Cardigan.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  30. I would love to knit Eventide Cardi. But other patterns are lovely too 🙂

  31. I love your podcast and patterns! I think the West End Cardigan would be great to knit.

  32. Elena Fuentes-Afflick February 15, 2017 at 1:44 am

    The West End cardigan is gorgeous! I would love to knit it.

  33. I would love to knit Eventide. It’s georgous! Thanks Kate

  34. All the patterns look great but I would pick the West End Cardigan first. It looks great and I live in the west end so the name is appropriate too.

  35. Tiffany Szymanski February 15, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    I would love to knit the West End cardigan so classic 😊
    Thank you Helen and Hannah!

  36. Hi Helen, this book sounds just like my kind of book! I think I’d start with the West End cardigan. Thanks Helen and Hannah! 🙂

  37. Thank you for another great podcast Helen! All of the patterns look very comfortable and very wearable. I however really like the one on the front cover – Morning Jacket as well as the West End Cardi, but I’m like you and would not be able to do all that moss stitch. It would have to be changed.

  38. Eventide for me too!! Really enjoyed your review of “texture”

  39. The new book by Hannah Fettig looks beautiful! Its hard to choose what I would do so many lovely patterns! At this stage it would be the Pierside Cardigan – so much texture!

  40. Not sure if I’m too late to comment – but my favourite is the wharf street pullover.

  41. I’d love to try the Eventide cardigan.

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