CH: 241: Getting cosy and ….vote on my book cover!

Amanda —  November 16, 2018 — 65 Comments

On a cold, wet, grey day after a week of hard work, I’m treating myself a little bit. I hop you’ll join me! I’m also getting very excited about this new book project. In fact, I could use your help deciding on a final book cover for my first print book! We also have two new Knitvent patterns this week that I can’t wait to share.

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I am preparing to publish the first ever Curious Handmade print book, The Shawl Society Season I. I need your help to choose the right cover. Which of these two book covers do you prefer?

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Thanks in advance for voting: I can’t wait to see what you think. I’ll update you on the results next week!

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Our 3rd and 4th Knitvent Patterns were published! The How Quiet Hat and the How Quiet Mitts

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65 responses to CH: 241: Getting cosy and ….vote on my book cover!

  1. They are both beautiful but number 1 stands out for me.

  2. They are both beautiful but number 1 stands out for me.

  3. Suzette Youngblood November 17, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Number 1 😊

  4. Cover Number 2 is my favourite.

  5. I was going to vote but only number 1 came up as an option.
    Also you look so serious in both. Would love to see a little smile

  6. IMHO It was a difficult choice between 1 and 2, but chose option 1 because I think the color jumps out and catches the eye then draws it in to look more closely at the details. The gray shawl is beautiful but the darker color requires the eye to look more carefully to see the intricacies of the design.

  7. I want to vote for option two but “powered by surveymonkey” is blocking the clickable spot. I believe this cover shows off more of your pattern design depth. Plus, you had me at beads!!!

  8. I would go with number one. That pop of color will catch people’s eye and get them to take a longer look.

  9. Love the look of the lace in no 2

  10. I like #2. I don’t see a place to check that off. I love the fact that you can see the detail and flow of number 2.

  11. Actually both photos are lovely but my eye is definitely drawn to that green yarn. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  12. I would pick cover 2 except on my iPhone I could only see the button for cover 1. I really love both but your face is very inviting on cover 2! Regardless of which you choose I’m buying! Love it!

  13. I couldn’t get the poll to come up to submit my vote. I like Cover 1!

  14. I vote for Number 2. The smile on number 1 looks a little sarcastic like when your husband tells a stupid joke at a dinner party and you give him a smile that says, “Really? That old joke again?” 😊 Plus, the warm grey looks great on you.

    Congrats on your book! I can’t wait to own it!

  15. Hi, seems the link to the poll is not working for me. So I will leave my vote here. I like version 2. Primarily because I am first attracted to the shawl. But I also think the second version has.a bit of a warmer look to it and that appeals to me more than the first.

  16. I vote for number 2 as well, because I like the shawl in picture one but I think the lace in shawl 2 better shows how detailed your designs are. Congratulations on the book! Now more people will see your wonderful designs 😁

  17. # 2! I just like the colors in that picture more than than # 1.

    Not sure how to vote other than leaving a comment?

  18. I love number two as it shows off a beautiful stitch pattern and makes you want that shawl. I love that pattern. Number one looks too plain to me.

  19. I vote for number two. I love the pattern on the shawl and you can really see a beautiful design. Number one looks too plain to me.

  20. I like number 2, it’s warmer, color wise and smile wise 😊 I also like that your name is more readable at the bottom.

  21. No contest! View 1 shows you to your best advantage.

  22. ToniAnne Tillotson DeSantis November 17, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    I’m with Melanie, you should have a retake and smile like you really love life, knitting and books! I don’t know what kind of shawls are featured, but if they are more fancy I’d use the one on the left, but if they are less fussy I’d use the one on the left.
    I’m not a fancy knitter, and I’d be more apt to pick up the one on the left…might be something I could handle. The one on the right I’d probably pass on, because that kind of fancy knitting isn’t my speed at this time.
    Goodluck TA

  23. I choose cover 2. You are centered and the grey shawl complements your coloring. It’s a lovely cover that invites a knitter to look inside for more inspiration.

  24. Carole Critchley November 17, 2018 at 4:41 pm

    My favourite is number 2. I like the shawl and I think the photo is better.

    Carole 😊

  25. I like number 1 a little bit more than 2. Just because I think the colours are a little warmer and suit your complexion more 😊

  26. Jennifer Ashbridge November 17, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    Number 2, how exciting that you’ll have a book out soon!!

  27. I vote #2 as well. On first glance I thought #1 ilooked sad.

  28. Number 2 is my vote. It’s a softer look, you look more relaxed and the shawl you’re wearing frames your face so beautifully. How exciting to see this dream come true!

  29. I love ALL your patterns and have made most of them. Your instructions and detail is perfect! I will definitely get your book. Thank You!

  30. Number two but I cannot access the button to vote. Please count this as my vote

  31. I definitely vote for number two. It pops. Congrats to you on the upcoming book. It’s about time!

  32. I love number 2 of your picture for the book. Love to see the new book. Best regards to you.

  33. I love all your patterns and have a lot of them. I love no. 2 pic.

  34. My vote is cover 2 … Love the pattern, the color and the beads … You look serene…

  35. Cover Number 2. I agree with Melanie Roberts. Your eyes are warmer and your smile is softer in in Number 2. The grey and peach look great together on you. And, I’m all about the beads. 🙂 Congratulations on your book! Can’t wait to buy it!

  36. I vote for number 2

  37. Survey not loading for me. I vote for #2 also. I agree your face is more relaxed & welcomeing in this photo. I also like that the shawl appeals to a beginner knitter as well as the more advanced knitter. The pattern carries the design of the shawl. Where as in the first cover the color carries the shawl. As time passes I may not be able to purchase that yarn or it may go out of favor making the book appear dated.
    I also like that you are a bit more highlighted & centered on the book cover in #2. With that pop of color grabbing my eye to read the text.

  38. I vote for number 2 as well. That shawl is just lovely and absolutely makes me want to purchase your book. Congratulations!! That is a real accomplishment!

  39. Number one look better and more eye catching..
    look forward to get the book.. don’t forget to sign it for me!!

  40. I love 1 yes. This is my vote for you.
    Kisses, Lucia.

  41. I would go with number 2 but the page won’t let me post it. Variegated yarns May lose popularity over time but grey and beads will never date.

  42. I prefer cover number 2…

  43. I quite like the brighter colouring on cover No 1, but both look just fine. It will be interesting to see which one is your final choice. I will buy your book, I love your patterns.

  44. Cover number two is prettier I think. I love colours of the the shawl on cover one but I think cover two works better.

  45. This was a hard decision but the pattern detail an #2 seems to show up better. Congrats on making this dream of your come true. Very excited for you

  46. I would vote Number 2.
    I love the shawl on No. 1 but I think No.2 would make a better cover photo.
    Can’t wait to buy your book. 😍

  47. Cover 1 is a lovely photo of you. Shawl is plain.
    Cover 2 is gorgeous interesting shawl. Your photo is nice.
    I voted for cover 2.

  48. Vote for number 2 – I love the ‘Mona Lisa’ look (and the survey didn’t show up no. 2 on the blog page)

  49. I love the composition and colours of number one. All the best for your first book.

  50. I voted 1 as the shawl placement leads you to open the book but I prefer shawl 2 but the style/placement is more suited to a back cover. Looking forward to the book regardless of cover!

  51. Can’t get the link to the poll to work (assuming there is one)
    But IMO Cover 1 is by far the best without a doubt.

  52. I chose Number1. I just like the coloring better and it seems to pop more. But they are both cover worthy. 😊

  53. Hello I voted on #2 – I loved the sexy beads and your smile looks great! Can’t wait to own this book~

  54. I can’t vote because I’m not fussy on either picture…I like parts of each one. I’d love to see a picture using the grey background, black dress and grey shawl.

    I don’t think the peachy dress is a good colour for model’s skin. Model’s skin tone looks much better in first picture.

  55. I am drawn to all things lace so I, myself, would choose #2!

  56. I voted for #2 because the shawl presents more of a challenge than #1.

  57. I vote for number two.

  58. Survey Monkey isn’t displaying properly on my iPad Pro. Nov. 17 actually make that now the 18th 😉

    My vote is for #1
    It’s overall color, presentation feels bright(er) and inviting. (Tho most of us that follow you, take part in, purchase your designs know you are the most inviting, kind, supportive maker & designer)

    Just from at a glance prospective….much the same way a magazine or book catches our eye….. #1 does that for me (and eldest son I asked him too) 🙂
    First of all he started with “she’s beautiful” then shrugged and said “something about #1 I don’t know why”. “Wait I’ve seen her on some things around here, the stuff you knit” ….yes, Son, you have. Spoken like a true 26 year old who apprently pays a little more attention to what his Mom does than I’ve given him credit for 😉 And yes you are beautiful!!

  59. Number one cuts the top of your head off – much prefer two!!

  60. #2 is my favourite

  61. I think number 1. The stronger colour makes it stand out more in number 1 whereas I feel the grey around your upper body makes it recede into the background.

  62. I vote for number 2. I love your smile and the photo has dreamy filtered look to it. Plus the gray looks very pretty on you!

  63. #2 has your whole head…plus it jumps more than #1….#2!!!!!

  64. I voted #1 I like the yarn and pattern of the shawl. Plus I think the color looks better on you!

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