CH 8: Pompom Party and lucky Friday the 13th

Helen —  December 13, 2013 — 4 Comments

Curious Handmade PodcastI give a review of the Pompom Quarterly Christmas Party and some Kettle Yarn Co yarn that jumped into my bag. I talk about why Friday 13th is my lucky day and the latest Curious Knitvent knitting pattern released.

London Town

Pompom Quarterly

Kettle Yarn Co

(Hint I see on Linda’s blog that she is offering 20% off until 20 December!!)

What’s in the WIP

Anna and Pearl are having a quiet night in.

The Quicksilver Cowl is the latest pattern in the Curious Knitvent Collection, released this week.

There are three more patterns to come so stay tuned.

The Simple Things

I’m making the leap from full time corporate to full time knitting entrepreneur!

Thank you to all the lovely Curious Knitters who have made this possible.

If you leave an iTunes review for the Curious Handmade podcast or a comment on this post about why you like the podcast or anything you would like to hear then I would like to give you one of my patterns as a thank you. Let me know if you have done this on the Curious Handmade Episode 8 thread on Ravelry and what pattern you would like including my 2014 monthly (yet to be named) collection.




4 responses to CH 8: Pompom Party and lucky Friday the 13th

  1. I have enjoyed catching up with your blogs and podcast. Sending you the very best of luck with your new business and your new stay at home mommyhood. I hope you do get over some of the embarrassment with asking for support. Many times people want to support a new podcaster or new designer and don’t know how.

    I love the details of London life. Living in US hearing about London sounds so hip and wicked cool. Please keep telling interesting details of life there and the different groups that knit. Your ongoing story of Anna and Purl is a hoot. I hope that she does eventually finish with a great knit project. LOL as Love Actually is one of my favorite holiday movies.

    I was really interested in the making soap bit in a different episode. I hope that you keep adding some bits of simple life as you continue with your podcasts.

    Have been enjoying your Knitvent Patterns and am very interested to see your projects for next year.
    best wishes, kellie

  2. Not sure how to use iTunes but it is always a joy to listen to new episode of your podcast here on your website! It sounds like you are sitting in the living room chatting. At this point DH knows what time it is when your catchy music starts and he even listens along. 🙂

    We wish you and your family a joyous holiday season. Safe travels with the kids and we look forward to our next “chat!”

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