A little bit pear shaped….

…and I’m not referring to my bottom (although to be honest it is a little).

If anyone has come back to check on the grand launch of the Curious Collective Shawl project this week – sincere apologies as it has been delayed by a week.

And I have discovered a lot about chicken pox in the last two weeks. And how you are not allowed to fly when your child has them.

We were away for a short holiday and a few days before we were due to fly back those little telltale spots started appearing on Lexie. At first I was in denial. For two days there were only three spots. But after that there was no doubt. Frantic googling ensued. Mumsnet said, “you cannot fly”. The lovely Singaporean doctor concurred. We had to wait for 6 days until the spots were nice and crusty (sorry if that is just too gross but that is what the Dr said!).

Several deadlines were missed, and being back at work this week has been absolutely manic. Usually it is a fine line whether minimum hygine standards are met and dinner cooked around here, and I’m not too proud to say that the line was crossed this week.

But the good news is, we survived, and I will be spending the weekend putting the finishing touches on what is going to be a very, very fun adventure with the Curious Collective Shawl project. So please do check back on Monday and I promise the adventure will begin!

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