Camouflage knitting

Summer knitting provokes a completely different mood from colder days. Some more sensible souls might turn to other pursuits in warmer months. Sewing, cooking, spending time outdoors are all nice things to do on a hot day.

But obsessions are hard to beat, and as a result I found myself squeezing this little package into my suitcase to Croatia alongside another kilo or so of my stash. That was a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s out there now.


It turned out that this little last minute gem was what jumped out at me and inspired a new design, in between some more sensible summer holiday activities such as swimming and eating a lot of delicious food.

pink flowers

This yarn was among a couple of skeins I picked up at the Squam fair from Malia of Penelope Craft , a yarn store in Amsterdam. I actually bought three packages of these super cute yarn combos “for gifts”. Ahem (I never said for who).


The yarn is Danish and it’s a bit “scratchy and sticky”. After awhile I realised it is very like Shetland yarn and is probably intended for colourwork.


My ziggy-zaggy design owes a big nod with gratitude to Stephen West’s Colorplay class at Squam where we were treated to his enthusiasm and love of colour.


I am now working on a longer, and rather more subdued version of the cowl in Madelinetosh Sock.


It is not often a knitting project blends so perfectly into it’s background. Especially such a vibrantly coloured one! Maybe no-one even noticed me knitting on the beach.



pink flowers blue sky

The original version will always remind me of our idylic summer holiday of 2013!

The current version blends in very well with the urban landscape.

Is anyone else knitting through the summer? What are your favourite holiday projects?

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