CH 172: Laine Retreat Portugal!

Today on the podcast I’m looking back at the incredible time I spent in Portugal at the Laine Retreat. I chat about visiting a very special yarn shop, how wonderful it was to spend hours of uninterrupted knitting time with the interesting and inspiring women at the retreat, a furry little friend I made there, what I worked on and what I have planned.

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Starting Point MKAL – first clue come out Friday May 12th!

Wollemeise Jewitta über Berlin Yarn

Berlin Knits Yarn Festival: September 9th to October 1st 2017

There are some absolutely gorgeous finished Fairyhill Shawls already! If you’re one of the speedy ones, make sure you post your FO on your Ravelry project page and in the FO thread in the group. It is so inspiring to other knitters and so special for me to see them. But if you haven’t become a part of The Shawl Society yet, don’t worry…we have plenty of new members just starting their shawls now and everyone is happily knitting along at their own pace. There is really no such thing as “falling behind” in The Shawl Society.

Join The Shawl Society Season II today!

I’ve just sent out the yarn hints for the next pattern, which will be making an appearance in about 3 weeks…the mysteries continue! Keep an eye on Instagram for sneak peeks and information on the gorgeous yarn I’ve used for this one..

That’s everything for this episode. Thank you so much for listening…I hope you got some vicarious joy out of this little trip to Portugal. I’ll talk to you next week! Until then, happy knitting!

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