Curious Collective Shawl: Week 4 Poll

This week is all about colour (or color to many)! This is the most exciting aspect of creating a design or planning a new project for me so I hope you have fun this week too.

I’m planning this to be a two colour shawl. You have two specific choices and an open ended option in the poll this week.

The two options I have been thinking about are narrow stripes – fairly even across the shawl or big blocks of colour (perhaps one colour for body and a different colour on the border).

To illustrate what I mean here are some non-shawl examples here so we’re not too influenced by other shawl designs – although there are many many beautiful shawls that use both these colour choices.

You can see what I mean by narrow even stripes in this super cute cardigan Outback by Amy Miller

When I say colour block I mean big blocks of colour like this pullover Tea with Jam and Bread by Heidi Kirrmaier and Asa Tricosa’s Simple Ziggurat.

I have added an option for “other” as you might want to get a little crazy and suggest intarsia or colour work, or other things I haven’t thought of. So rather than have to have an extra vote on something I hadn’t considered like last week, I thought I would experiment with an open option this week (yikes)!

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ETA: I see the poll results don’t seem to show the “other” suggestions. If people would like to post in the comments what they suggest that would be fun for others to see – otherwise I will do a summary and try to do little updates as we go along too.

As in past weeks the poll will close at Midday, Friday 7 June (GMT).

Please enjoy, vote and leave comments and I can’t wait to see what you decide!

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