Curious Collective Week 3: Results

I’m writing this to you from Logan Airport in Boston, on the way home to London from Squam. It is wee hours in the morning in the UK and getting well into the evening here. My flight has been delayed by a couple of hours, it has been a long day and I’m a little bit emotional!

I find travelling through a lot of time zones quite disorienting at the best of times, but it will be even worse going back to London bustle after a peaceful few days beside a lake doing not very much apart at all, apart from a lot of gasbagging with fabulous women and a lot of knitting. Oh yes, and eating, there was a lot of that too.

I really wanted to send you lots of pretty postcards from Squam via the blog but unfortunately the wifi wan’t up to posting pics. You might be subjected to a few pics later this week.

I am not too surprised that sock weight is the favourite weight for the CCS. I’m just not too sure if that is because we have all those many single skeins of pretty sock yarn in our stashes or for other reasons. And after all the comments last week about the crescent shape it wasn’t a big surprise that people really like that shape, although I am still vey partial to the half-pi shape and find it really great to wear.

I have been doing a little bit of swatching this week and had a massive injection of shawl and colour inspiration in Stephen West’s Color Play class. That, combined with Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s Speed Knitting class, will hopefully contribute to a really great design and a super fast sample knitted up.

Look out for the Week 4 polll coming soon.

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