Getting Ready for Knitvent


This will be our 8th year of Knitvent! I know that alongside our long-term devoted members of the Curious Crew we also have some brand new friends and knitters to welcome. If you’re curious about how Knitvent works and how to prepare, here’s everything you need to know before Knitvent 2020 starts for real on Thursday Oct 29th!

At Curious Handmade HQ, we’re all set for the first of the Knitvent pattern to appear next week, and the excitement and anticipation grows day by day!

That’s the real joy of launching a mystery collection.

But I haven’t forgotten about the comfort part.

Diving into something brand new and mysterious takes some courage, so (without spoiling any of the surprises) I thought I’d demystify Kntivent just a little bit today.

Since we launched the first Knitvent collection back in 2013, I’ve gotten lots of questions about the secret nature of the patterns, how to take part, and what to expect. I’ve collected answers to the most common questions for you here:

Q. How do I join Knitvent?

A. There’s no sign up: just purchase the Knitvent 2020 Collection on Ravelry or Gumroad, and you’re officially in!

Q. How much does Knitvent cost?

A. Until October 29th when the first pattern drops, the Early Bird price for Knitvent 2020 is £9.95, which is more than 30% off the regular price. After the Early Bird closes, the price goes up to £15.00. You don’t need a code for the special, the discount is already applied. NOTE: Prices do not include any VAT applicable in your country, so the price you see displayed on Ravelry or Gumroad may be different)

Q. Is the price for the whole collection or for each pattern?

A. The price includes the whole collection!

Q. How many patterns are included?

A. There are six patterns in the collection, including one designed to use your yarn Advent Calendar set or scrappy stash.

Q. I only see one pattern in the collection, though?

A. Right now there is one placeholder pattern for the presale period. Each week, a new pattern (or two!) will appear on Ravelry as the designs are released.

Q. When will the first pattern be available?

A. The first pattern comes out Thursday, Oct 29th. I’ll release either one or two new patterns each week until November 26th.

Q. Once I purchase the collection, how will I get access to the new patterns?

A. Every week, on Thursday, the newly released pattern or patterns will be automatically sent to you. Check your Ravelry library or messages for your updates! NOTE: Make sure you are logged into Ravelry when you purchase the collection to get the updates in your Ravelry library.

If you purchase the collection on Gumroad, you will get an email notification of each update.

Q. If the patterns are a mystery, how will I know what yarn I’ll need?

A. I’ve designed many of the patterns as stash-busters, so there’s a chance you already have something that will work! But to help you plan, we have created a yarn spoiler thread in the Curious Handmade Ravelry group. Be warned – this will obviously give a certain amount away!

Q. I’ve heard that one of your Knitvent patterns uses a yarn advent calendar. I don’t have one…what should I do?

A. Advent yarn calendars, which are collections of 25 surprise mini skeins from indie dyers, have become very popular in recent years, and many knitters love to treat themselves or a friend to one for the holiday season. These calendars tend to sell out early, usually before Knitvent even begins.

Don’t worry if you didn’t snag one! I’ve designed this pattern to work with scraps from your stash, or with a couple of single skeins, or even all in one colour. We’ve had plenty of members do just that for previous “advent calendar” patterns, with lovely results.

You can also consider making your own calendar mini set from stash yarn or exchanging with a friend or two: I’ve done both, and it’s a lovely excuse to play with lots of yarn! I put together a PDF guide to help you make your own, which you can download here.

Q. This is such a busy time of year and I don’t know if I can fit in a KAL. Are we supposed to keep up with knitting a new pattern every week?

A. Knitvent is strictly a NO PRESSURE zone. I know we’re all juggling a lot of competing priorities!

While most of the patterns are designed to be quick gifty knits, Knitvent is really more about giving yourself a little surprise each week to nurture your creativity and finding a little quiet time to yourself to knit whenever you can.

I want this year to be about simplicity, comfort and joy, so don’t you dare put any stress on yourself! Yes, we’ll have a KAL with prizes at the end (extending into the New Year), but it’s more than okay to go at your own pace.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch! You can send me an email or just post in the Ravelry group!

We seem to learn something new every time we do Knitvent. After so many together,  I’ve gathered a few tips to help keep you organised and excited in the lead-up. Here’s how to prepare for Knitvent. Once you’ve grabbed your copy of Knitvent 2020:

Step 1. Visit the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group and introduce yourself! We’re a very friendly bunch, and we love meeting new knitters from around the world. The community aspect of Knitvent is half the fun, and it’s also a wonderful place to get support for tricky knitting questions. So much talent and generosity in this group! Also, if you haven’t entered our Knitvent Giveaway yet, there’s still a chance for you to win a $50 gift card to an indie dyer or a free pattern! Have a look at our giveaway thread for more details. 

Step 2. If you haven’t already, download your free guide to making your own Yarn Advent Calendar and start collecting those scraps!

Step 3. Create a project page for the first mystery pattern, Window One. As Knitvent goes on, these project pages are an invaluable resource for the community…a great way to share our WIPs, compare yarn choices, and learn about useful tips, tricks, and modifications.

Step 4. Wait very, very patiently for the first pattern to arrive on October 29th.

That’s all you have to do! Thank you so much for making Knitvent such a special time of year. I can’t wait to get started.




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