How to Place Beads In Your Knitting- A Tutorial

When placing beads in knitwear, there are lots of different ways to get the beads into position.

I find the crochet hook method the easiest and most accurate and it means I can take a little pause to admire my handiwork too.

Having just released the Candlelit Shawl, I thought it would be helpful to upload a tutorial showing you how to place beads into your knitwear.

Watch this video on Youtube

For those of you who like things a little slower or print friendly, here’s a photo tutorial too.

Placing Beads


  1. Slip the bead onto the end of your crochet hook (over the hook).

Insert hook into stitch on LH needle

2. Insert the hook into the stitch loop on the LH needle, with the hook facing you.

Move bead onto stitch

3. Gently move the bead down over the hook onto the stitch.

Stitch on LH needle

4. Place the stitch back on the LH needle.

knit stitch with bead

5. Knit the stitch with the bead on it.

I hope you find that helpful and please do feel free to pin it and share it with your crafty friends! If you’ve now got the urge to bead, here’s some other shawls I’ve designed that use beading:

Beaded Shawl pattern

Glitz at the Ritz (free on Knitty!)

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The Sunburst Shawl (from the Dream Big Collection)


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