It’s beginning to look a lot like Knitvent: 9 years of gift knitting

A decade of Knitvent covers collage

2022 is going to be the 10th Knitvent collection.

We’re coming up on a decade of gift-knitting together. 

When I really think about that, it takes my breath away. How many happy moments of knitting, giving, and togetherness does that add up to?

Ten years of anything is a real tradition. The warm fuzzy feelings are already welling up.

Maybe you’ve been knitting Knitvent designs since that very first collection, in which case, I’m sending you the biggest hug and thank you. I hope this retrospective post brings back fond memories. Or maybe you’ll be inspired to pick up an old pattern you always meant to knit, or to remake something you loved the first time with all the extra experience and skill you’ve earned along the way.

If you’re looking forward to your very first Knitvent, you also get a great big welcome hug! This post will be extra exciting for you, because it’s a chance to peek behind the scenes at past patterns for a hint of what you might expect from this year’s collection of secret patterns. 

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Now, on to the memories:

Knitvent 2021

Last year’s collection was a love letter to sweet, soppy, silly holiday-themed romantic comedies. From the “meet cute” to the happily ever after, these movies are lighthearted and comforting, and so were these designs. It was exactly what we needed after a couple of intense, demanding, and stressful years.

Patterns: Clockwise from top left:

The Rose Cottage Cowl , The Meet Cute Socks, The Ever After Shawl, The Skyline Wrap and The Montage Hat & The Meet Cute Mitts

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Knitvent 2020

“Comfort and Joy” was the theme for 2020. It was perfect for a holiday season that looked a lot different than most of us were used to. It really was a celebration, and it seemed even more meaningful than usual, with hundreds and hundreds of handmade presents for friends and families we might not have seen as much as we wanted to.

Patterns: Clockwise from top left:

The Hearten Cowl, The Cheering Socks, The Hearten Mitts, The Tidings Shawl, and The Cheering Hat & The Cheering Cowl

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Knitvent 2019

I had no idea when I chose the theme of “Home” for 2019, that it would be so fitting. It was just a coincidence, but this extra cosy collection was perfect for a year of staying home and knitting as much as possible. The big hit of the collection was the Habitation Throw, which is still extremely popular. Probably my favourite “advent calendar” knit so far. (Until this year, anyway…)


Clockwise from top left: Homebody Hat and Homebody Mitts, Dwelling Cushion, Bide Shawl, Habitation Throw, Homebody Socks

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Knitvent 2018

In 2018, I decided to knit a collection of gift patterns inspired by poetry, with the theme of peace. I wanted the designs to have a sense of quietness and refuge, in a season that can often be overwhelming and demanding. There was a very sweet response from the Curious Crew to this theme and these soft, gentle patterns, and the whole collection is still beloved.

A collage of the knitting patterns from Knitvent 2018 by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade


Large photo: Dust of Snow Wrap

Small photos, clockwise from top: Peace of Wild Things Shawl, Frost at Midnight CowlWinter Sleep SocksHow Quiet Mitts, How Quiet Hat

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Knitvent 2017

This was the year that the tradition of the “scrappy” pattern (which could be made with a yarn Advent calendar) was born. Now it might be the most anticipated design of every Knitvent! This was a very playful collection, inspired by the Nutcracker, and the childlike excitement of the theme seemed to capture everyone’s hearts.

A collage of images showing all the knitting patterns from the Knitvent 2017 collection by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade


Large photo: Land of Sweets Cowl

Small photos, clockwise from top: Marzipan LegwarmersClara’s CapeTchaikovsky MittsTchaikovsky HatTulle Shawl

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Knitvent 2016

I absolutely love to ski, although it feels like a long, long time since we’ve been able to hit the slopes! This Knitvent collection was inspired by vintage ski resort posters and postcards, with a special guest designer appearance by my friend Renée Callahan of East London Knit, who created the delightful, retro-styled colourwork Boreal Forest hat and cowl patterns.

A collage showing all the knitting patterns from the Knitvent 2016 collection by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade


Large photo: Alpine Sunset Shawl
Small photos, clockwise from top: Fresh Tracks HeadbandBoreal Forest HatBoreal Forest CowlJuniper SocksJuniper Mitts

Buy the Knitvent 2016 Collection

Knitvent 2015

Sparkle, twinkle, glitter: this collection was a celebration of everything “Light and Bright”. So many of the things we associate with the holidays seem to shine: snowflakes, icicles, fairy lights, firelight, starlight, and candlelight. I tried to capture that frosty glow in some extra-cosy patterns for 2015.


Large image: Winter Wander Shawl
Small images, clockwise from top: Kindling Mitts, Ice River SnoodIce River Hat,  Cabin Path Shawl, , Kindling Hat

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Knitvent 2014

This eclectic little collection is so full of heart. I’d learned a lot by my second knitvent, and I focused on special handmade details, with rich textures: sequins, beads, ribbons and tassels, a touch of mohair. So many of these patterns reappear in my Instagram feed year after year, especially at holiday-time, which is lovely to see.

A collge image showing the knitting patterns in the Knitvent 2014 collection by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade

Large image: Adorn Gift Bags
Small images, clockwise from top right: Candlelit Beaded ShawlIce Skating Scarf and WrapLind CowlCrisp and Even Cowl

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Knitvent 2013

The very, very first Knitvent was wildly ambitious, especially for a brand new designer. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to launch an 8 design collection like this, but I have to thank past-Helen for being brave and going for it (even though I’m sure I was scared). Because the response was just wonderful: the group of enthusiastic, adventurous, and warm-hearted knitters that gathered for Knitvent 2013 was the beginning of the Curious Crew, a community that has grown and flourished into a true wonder. 

A collage of the first 4 patterns in the Knitvent 2013 Collection by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade
A collection of the next 4 patterns in the Knivent 2013 Collection by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade


Top row, right to left: Red Robin ShawlCheckerboard MittsFresh Powder CowlWarm Wishes Hottie.
Bottom row, right to left: Stardust Infinity ScarfRella MittsQuicksilver CowlNaughty or Nice Hat.

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If you’ve ever made even one Knitvent pattern, or if you’re brand new and just considering joining this year, I want to personally thank you. You’re the source of all that wonderful Knitvent magic.

If you want to make sure that you get all the Knitvent news along the way, join the Curious Crew! You’ll be the first to find out our theme for this year, and I’ll make sure you know all about the special early bird price, upcoming giveaways, and fun yarn spoilers.

Happy knitting!

PS: Remember, today’s the last day to buy one get one free across the whole Curious Handmade Ravelry store, including all the past Knitvents! The code is KNITVENT22BOGO so don’t forget to use it when you check out. The least expensive pattern will magically become free!


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