Knitvent 2022: The Anthology Shawl

Throw, shawl, wrap, slanket?

Whatever you call it, this is a colourful, cosy, and incredibly relaxing knit.

We have the Anthology Throw to thank for this year’s Knitvent scrappy theme.

I wanted to create a pattern that would do justice to a full, gorgeous yarn countdown calendar, but which would work just as well as a scrap or memory project.

The Habitation Throw from Knitvent 2019 brought so much joy to knitters that I was also hoping to design something that was just as comforting and potato-chippy for you to knit, but which had its own presence and personality.

Something a bit different.

This was the result!

And it was SO MUCH FUN to knit that I was a bit obsessed with mini skeins by the end and just didn’t want to stop.

So I just didn’t. I kept designing scrappy patterns, and Knitvent 2022 was born.

Anthology is a weighty, bookish word, full of literary gravitas. It comes from two Greek words: “anthos” which means “flower”; and “logia” which means “collection”, or “gathering”.

A gathering of flowers.

It’s a beautiful way to think of how we collect stories, poems, and songs, and anything else important to us. And it’s a beautiful name for this exuberant throw, with its gardenful of colours and textures. Designed to use a set of 24 fingering minis or scraps, the Anthology Throw would also look incredible in a gradient set.

The Anthology Throw is a circular, Pi-inspired project, big and versatile enough to work as a blanket or a generous wrap. Drape it over the couch for epic snuggle sessions or double it up into an extra-cosy shawl. Its sheer scale may seem daunting, but trust me, it’s so easy and comforting to make! Just knit, knit, knit in a circle, with eyelet rounds for increases and interest and a simple chevron lace border.

Now, onto the questions and answers:

Is this pattern beginner friendly?

Yes, absolutely! 

Aside from the large scale of the project, which is a bit of a commitment, there’s nothing at all intimidating about this pattern. And you’re reading this right now, I suspect you like knitting enough to see it through!

It’s all in the round, which is something that can make beginners nervous, but the secret is that it’sactually easier than knitting “flat”!

As I said in the pattern description, this is just simple knitting, except for a tiny bit of very easy eyelets, texture and lace to keep it interesting.

The only other potentially challenging part is the cast on, and only if you’ve never done it before. It’s so simple, and I made a short, clear video tutorial for you, which should help take away any jitters.

What if I don’t have enough scraps or minis for the whole pattern?

That’s no problem! You can use any yarn you like, whether that’s minis, scraps, full skeins, or any combination. If you visit the Curious Handmade Ravelry group, so many knitters are sharing their yarn: you’ll find a ton of inspiration (and encouragement!) there.

The #AnthologyThrow tag on Instagram is also starting to fill up with a variety of examples. Sometimes seeing what other knitters are doing is the best way to spark your own creativity. 

As an example, my wonderful test-knitter Tracey did a stunning gradient with five full skeins instead of minis. You can see it here and follow her notes on when to change colours.

So if you’re still wondering if Knitvent is for you, hopefully this information will be helpful! We’d love to have you.

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