Knitvent 2022: The Medley Hat & Mitts

Knitvent 2022’s third and fourth patterns have landed!

The Medley Hat and The Medley Mitts are super fun, quick knits. Perfect gifts, alone or together. 

Sindy says she’d settle for just one mitt. How could you resist this face?

(I traded her a treat to get it back.)

The Medley Hat and The Medley Mitts on a much smaller scale than the previous two Knitvent 2022 patterns, which means they’re nice and speedy to make.

The musical meaning of medley isn’t the first definition of the word. One of its earliest meanings was actually a textile term for “cloth made of wools dyed and mingled before being spun.”

I didn’t know that when I named the Medley Hat. It’s just the kind of unexpected discovery that happens when you begin to gather seemingly unrelated things or ideas together. This cosy colourblocked hat is a wonderful chance to play with colours, pairing minis or scraps in unexpected ways. In the sample, I’ve held two strands of the same colour together for each section, but you could marl two different minis together or use a single strand of DK weight yarn if that’s what you’ve got in stash. Surprise yourself! It’s such a quick knit that there’s nothing to lose.

The design features a twisted knit brim, stripes, and a small lace detail, and the pattern contains four sizes, so you can knit it for a whole medley of dear ones!

The perfect medley is not just an indiscriminate jumble. It’s carefully composed and arranged, and whether you’re creating a medley of tunes or a medley of flavours, the real magic happens in the blend. When you get it just right, the combination seems unexpected, and yet somehow inevitable.

The Medley Mitts are a brisk little knit of colour-blocked happiness. These sweet stripey mitts are fun and fast to knit and comfy to wear. They are fingerless, with snug twisted rib cuffs and a small eyelet detail at the wrist. They are squishy and cosy and so simple to make.

The real fun is in choosing and combining the colours. I’ve used five colourways here, holding two fingering-weight strands double to create a DK weight yarn. But this pattern is an invitation to engage your own creativity! You can marl or fade sock yarns together or work directly with DK minis and scraps you have in your stash, or any combination that catches your fancy.

Two more patterns left to come in this year’s Knitvent collection

And as always, it’s never too late to join in the fun. The chat threads are full of fun and inspiration in the Ravelry group, and the #knitvent2022 tag on Instagram is also a great source of joy!

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