free yarn advent calendar diy guide

The cover of Helen Stewart's ebook, Make Your Own Yarn Advent Calendar

I’ve created this special PDF guide to walk you through the process of making your very own yarn Advent calendar. It includes a list of the materials you’ll need, step by step instructions for creating mini-skeins, fun ideas for extras to add, and many more helpful tips.

Supplies for making your own yarn advent calendar
Tools and supplies for making a holiday countdown calendar
Little paper bags holding mini yarn skeins with candy canes nearby

A helpful checklist

Clear instructions

Holiday inspiration

Find out everything you’ll need to create your dream yarn advent calendar, from must-have supplies to thoughtful extras.

Learn how to choose a colour palette that works, wind, wind perfect mini skeins, and add all the finishing touches, step by step.

Get in the gift-knitting spirit and treat yourself or a favourite knitting friend to a delightful day-by-day holiday countdown.

Add an element of surprise and joy
to this gift knitting season!


Forget the yarn calendar FOMO this year!

This free full-colour PDF guide will teach you how to make your own gorgeous yarn advent calendar at home.

The cover of Helen Stewart's ebook, Make Your Own Yarn Advent Calendar

Hi, I'm Helen Stewart

Helen Stewart, Curious Handmade wearing her own design the Lavender Fields Shawl

I’m a knitwear designer and the host of the Curious Handmade Knitting podcast. Around this time every year, we knitters start to think about what to make the most knit-worthy people in our lives. It’s gift knitting season!

Knitters have generous hearts, but while you’re planning what you’re going to make for your friends and family, don’t forget that you deserve presents too. 

If you’ve ever swooned over the gorgeous yarn advent calendars you’ve seen on social media but paused at the cost, this free guide is for you. 

You can learn to make your own at home, to use with scrappy patterns, and surprise yourself a little bit every day.

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