Miss May MKAL; Creativity, discovery & a leap in the dark

Have you joined the Miss May MKAL yet?

It can feel daunting to jump into a project completely blind.

Committing to a whole shawl pattern you’ve never laid eyes on can feel like a risk.
Yarn can be re-used, but your time can’t.

Sometimes it can help to see what’s come before, so you can have an idea of what’s to come next.

So this post is a chronicle of mysteries we’ve already revealed: Our last four mystery knitalongs.

The Stillness Shawl

Two years ago, in the depths of lockdown, a lot of us were feeling a bit stuck and stressed out. The Stillness Shawl MKAL became a gathering place for us as a community. It was quite an emotional and nurturing experience, and the shawl design itself is still such a favourite. 

The Impressionists Shawl

A multi-coloured artistic shawl, starting with creams and pinks and light to darker purples at the bottom of the shawl

This is The Impressionists Shawl. This MKAL, from 2018, and it was one of the most exciting experiences this community has ever shared. We had so much fun looking at Impressionist paintings for inspiration, sharing our yarn choices, and knitting each clue together. This design really captured knitters’ imaginations, and it was beautiful to watch.

The Snowmelt Shawl

The Snowmelt Shawl Mystery Knit-Along was all about setting aside some time to nourish our creativity together.

The Snowmelt Shawl, from 2017, is still one of my favourites, and knitters were so passionate about this MKAL! I think what many people love best about this design was how it looks so much more complicated than is really is. That’s always a goal for me, when I’m writing my patterns: how to get the most impact from the simplest stitches. This MKAL experience was so uplifting, with knitters around the world coming together to cheer each other on.

The Summertide Shawl

That’s where the Summertide Shawl MKAL will work its magic. Create a beautiful new shawl, inspired by those precious holiday feelings.

Back in 2016, we had the Summertide Shawl MKAL. We had so much fun with this mystery knitalong, and the participants were very enthusiastic! I love looking back at the finished objects for this pattern. Lots of gorgeous yarn pairings and some really lovely modifications that later knitters introduced!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes words from people who’ve already been on this adventure can be even better.  

What previous MKAL participants say

I finished last night – this may be the most beautiful thing I’ve made, I’m just so in love with it and I haven’t even blocked it yet! I can’t wait to get the ends woven in and block it. I love blocking shawls, it seems like magic. I’m convinced that one of the reasons this project was equally fascinating and relaxing (never boring or tedious) is simply Helen’s talent. The percentage system helped soothe my nerves, and I’m amazed at how such seemingly simple stitches ended up looking so complex. Thank you, Helen, for a wonderful pattern.– melopher

I love it! As always with Helen’s patterns, it is beautiful! I found the pattern very easy (without being boring) and relaxing to knit, and I was very able to keep up with the clues.
Not once did I ever feel like it was a slog.
– MisKnitz

“I have learned a ton and I will finish it because I love it. I am enjoying the MKAL process-
I’ve had so much help and knit tips that I would have never figured out on my own.
Thank you MKAL friends!”
– Amyw19

“Still need to block it but I already LOVE this shawl!! This was the first shawl I’ve ever knit!
Also my first MKAL! I really enjoyed this knit! Thanks Helen!!”

“I just looked at all the photos. All are simply gorgeous. And they all have a different vibe.  Bravo to all of you. I cannot believe I am making something this wonderful and intricate and textured.
So glad I joined this MKAL.”

“This project has involved a lot of firsts for me
– First time joining in a MKAL
– First time knitting on circulars
– First time actually blocking a project
I loved every minute of this, and learnt so many new techniques.
Sad it is over.”

I’m always so grateful for the adventuresome spirit of the knitters who are willing to take the plunge with me. If you would like to join me the special Early Bird price of just £4 (plus applicable VAT) is available until Tuesday, June 7th is Then it will be the regular price of £5 (plus applicable VAT).

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