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Lovely words from Maria of Subway Knits for the final postcard in the series put together by A Playful Day #postcardbloggers2015


empire state building and the freedom tower

Dear Helen,
As we come to the final round of postcards, I thought it would be appropriate to come full circle, to say the least and talk about home, and how where someone lives serves as a daily and constant inspiration.
Where you live definitely plays a big role in who you are and what inspires you – I would say that while I love going abroad and exploring new places, there is something about where you are from, or where you plant your roots that has an equal appeal.
New York is something of a city to be reckoned with – people come here to make it, and people do their best to stay for as long as they can. New York definitely is a source of inspiration for me: it keeps me on my toes and on the go and has taught me to think fast, on my feet and to be adaptable to almost any kind of surrounding, be it the concrete and glass megaliths of downtown Manhattan, or the tree-lined streets of Astoria, where I grew up and still live.
There is always something happening here and always a new place to go and new things to see, which only add onto the ways one can be inspired. Nevertheless, this isn’t just limited to New York: wherever one makes their home, there is always that sense of discovery which never ends.
rockefeller center
There is a Japanese proverb which for my 30th birthday I had inscribed on a necklace: “sumeba miyako.” Translated, it means, “Wherever you live, it is your capital.” So far, New York City has been one of my major capitals and source of inspiration, and is my top capital, because this is where I come from.
I wonder what my next capital would be. As you can definitely understand, I still have that sense of perpetual wanderlust.

nyc christmas


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