The Handmade Sock Society



A bit of earth. A little patch of garden. A place where you can take root and feel a blossoming kinship with little growing things. Bulbs and seeds, ladybirds and dandelion clocks, sprouting mushrooms and fallen leaves, the secret world of the very small and very beautiful. The first season of The Handmade Sock Society delves into the rich life of the earth beneath our feet.

This botanically-inspired pattern subscription club is perfect for knitters who love pretty hand-knitted socks, delightful surprises, and the company of like-minded makers. Members will receive six secret sock knitting patterns: the first pattern will arrive early February 2018, and then every other month for the rest of the year, ending in December 2018. While there’s no pressure to knit every design as it arrives, this relaxed release schedule should give knitters of all speeds and skill levels time to create at their leisure.

The pattern difficulty will be adventurous beginner to intermediate: enough detail to keep things interesting, but nothing that will push it over into “difficult” territory. The idea behind each pattern is to ground ourselves in the natural rhythm of making.

All 6 patterns will be written in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large.

The price shown is for all 6 patterns listed below. Some of the patterns are currently only available as part of the collection.


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