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The Shawl Society Season 4 – One perfect day…

It might be a memory, a daydream, or a plan for the future. It might be a real spot you’ve been to or one you’ve imagined for years.

Wherever it is, and however you get there, it’s a place where time stands still, where everyday cares disappear, and where you can be wholly and happily yourself. It could be a mountaintop. It might be a cottage in the woods. Maybe a meadow.

For me, it has always been the beach. The sounds of the water and the wind, the sunshine, the picnics, the sandcastles. The soft damp hair of little ones wrapped in towels and the late night bonfires under the stars as the tide draws in close to the shore.

On the busiest day in the busiest city, all I need to do is close my eyes, pause, and send my mind on holiday for a minute. Suddenly there is a sense of space and freedom. I can almost smell the salt air.

In this 4th season of The Shawl Society, in honour of the “happy places” that mean so much to us, we will share one perfect day by the sea.

The Shawl Society Season 4 is a pattern subscription club inspired by spending time at a beautiful beach and a meditation on what it means to find your own “happy place.” The six secret shawl knitting patterns in the collection are ideal for any knitter who is obsessed with hand-knitted shawls, loves a bit of suspense, and enjoys creating along with other enthusiastic makers. The first pattern of the series will be released in May 2019, and then there will be another pattern release every month until October 2019. There’s never any pressure to “keep up” with the crowd, so know that you can and should knit along at your own pace. These patterns are yours to keep forever, so relax and enjoy.

The pattern difficulty: adventurous beginner to intermediate. Enough detail to keep things interesting, but nothing that will push it over into “difficult” territory. Our goal here is to nourish our creativity and our hearts with time that’s set aside just for us, so be sure to savour each stitch and give yourself plenty of grace as you go.

The patterns will be written in the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist Style™ with charts to supplement written directions for lace or cable sections.

There will be a variety of yarn weights used within the range of heavy lace to DK. Yarns needed for each shawl will be announced approximately 3 weeks before the pattern release date.

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