Simple Pleasures Sunday

We had a relaxed Sunday last weekend, hanging out at home, letting the first sunny day of spring warm us up.

While we ate a simple lunch of bread, ham and cheese I watched with fascination as the magnolia blooms started opening up.

Magnolia in bloom

Magnolia blooms

When we bought the house neither Steve or I had a clue what this tree in our garden was and it has turned out to be the biggest gift we could have received.

There was a gentle breeze when I was taking these pics which gives it a bit of a weird effect!


Lunch was made even more delicious with Lotta’s chutney and jam. I love jam! Rhubarb and vanilla – yum! Thank you Lotta.

chutney and jam

Speaking of eating, the babe enjoyed her home made spag bol. That girl really likes her pasta. Like, a lot!

I love how this pic captures her innocence and love for life. I wish I could put my whole face into my food sometimes!


Then I discovered my two peony plants weren’t completely lost (like many, many of my other gardening disasters). I learnt from Katie that’s just what they do – and I should look for little red shoots. I’m encouraged from that video that a cold winter means more blooms. There may still be an upside of that ridiculous winter we had! I think they look beautiful already!

peony shoots

And my orchid that I bought from the supermarket a few years ago is rewarding me for totally ignoring and neglecting it with yet more beautiful blooms. Without a doubt the best £6.99 I ever spent on a plant. I learnt a tip from a green fingered colleague that the trick is to chop off the stalks from the blooms when they have finished. It seems to work!



After all that gardening taking pictures of flowers I hung out in the hammock with the girls, thinking about how lucky I am. Until they got too rowdy.




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