Simple Sunday Pleasures

This morning I asked my daughter what she would like to do.

“Stamps!”, she said excitedly.

“Er what do you mean?”.


Ah OK. Mr Maker (BBC kids show) has a lot to answer for!

Luckily we had all gear required for a spot of potato stamping and got to work.

Potato Stamps

Happily, I had seen a recent idea on Pinterest to use cookie cutters to make the shapes. It worked a treat and we were up and running pretty quickly.

Potato Stamps

Serious face. When she saw this picture she exclaimed, “I’m still wearing my pyjamas!!”. Yup….slummy mummy strikes again.

I think pyjamas after midday is allowed on a Sunday tho.

Potato Stamps

I enjoyed the process as much as she did. Early homemade Christmas cards perhaps?!

Potato Stamps

Proud artist. Mission accomplished without tears. Winner.

Potato Stamps

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