learn to knit handmade socks, even if they scare you

With Curious Handmade’s free beginner sock pattern and online workshop

If you’ve ever

  • Blinked at vague instructions
  • Lost your place in a complex or confusing pattern
  • Worried that you’ve lost count of your stitches
  • Shoved a half-knit sock out of sight when you reached the tricky bit
  • Never even cast on a pair of socks because it sounds scary

You’re not alone!

So many new knitters give up on sock knitting in frustration and disappointment, and it breaks my heart. A pretty pair of handmade socks is one of life’s great little pleasures. Warm, cosy, and incredibly fun to knit, making socks is a remarkable way to nurture yourself and the people you love. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the joy of sock knitting, so I’ve created

the simply curious socks:

a free instructional sock pattern

Written specifically for beginner sock knitters, this simple knitting pattern will walk you through each part of handmade sock anatomy and keep you oriented with clear line-by-line instructions and row-by-row stitch counts.

the simply curious virtual sock-knitting workshop

To keep you company on your sock-knitting adventures, I’ll also send you a step by step email workshop to mentor you through every stage of knitting your socks.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the right yarn and needles
  • Use the right cast-on method
  • Get a snug, customised fit
  • Stay on track with a clever percentage checklist™
  • Get through the heel and gusset (the part that scares everyone!)
  • Finish the toes seamlessly

Full of helpful tips and gentle motivation the workshop is designed to get you all the way through your first sock project with confidence. You can do this!

a lively, warm and welcoming community of knitters

Find extra encouragement and support from the loveliest, kindest knitters I know. I’ll send you a link to the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group so you can join the Curious Crew. I’m always so moved by the level of thoughtfulness and generosity these knitters show each other.
If you have a knitting question about socks or anything else, there’s always a member of the Curious Crew around who knows the answer

(or knows where to find it!)

join the curious crew and
learn to make socks for free!