The 2020 Curious Handmade Gift Knitting Guide

We’re days away from revealing the theme of Knitvent 2020, and before we know it, we’ll have 6 new accessory patterns to knit, all designed to make perfect presents.

I can’t wait.

I know many knitters start their holiday projects early in the new year, hiding away many soft, cosy secret packages over weeks and months, but if you’re anything like me, it’s only around this time of year that the about pondering what I want to make for the knit-worth people in my life begins.

Which means, while you wait for Knitvent 2020 to begin, you might want to start working on a project or two in the meantime.

This gift-guide should help you plan. I’ve picked out some patterns that make amazing gifts. Some are very quick to make, while others take a bit more time but offer a relaxing knit to help keep you feeling peaceful as this busy time of year begins.

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I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful keep you busy while we wait for the Knitvent launch.

You might even cross a few names off your list a little early this year!

The sweetest socks:

I’ve picked out four of my sock patterns that seem to summon the holiday spirit. These designs are all written for regular sock-weight or fingering yarn, so now’s the perfect time to get started. The best thing about making socks as gifts is that they’re such a portable project: just stash them in your bag and work up a few rows at a time, wherever you are. They grow more quickly than you think!

Images, clockwise from top lefts: Red Robin Socks, Winter Rose Socks, Hazelnut Socks, Vintage Fairy Light Socks

Extra-snuggly DK-weight socks

If you have your heart set on giving someone socks but know your time is limited, DK-weight sock patterns are genius. They knit up much faster thanks to thicker yarn and fewer stitches, and they are even cosier. Perfect lounging-around-the-house or boot socks, and a perfect present.

Big photo: Homebody Socks

Small photo, top: Winter Sleep Socks

Small photo, bottom: Juniper Socks

Simple, relaxing shawls

A simple shawl is a wonderful gift. Warmer (and more fun to knit) than a scarf, easy to wear, and super versatile. These particular patterns are easy to knit, with no complicated stitch patterns to forget, and the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist helps keep your place every time you put your knitting down to run another holiday errand! They’re ideal for anyone new to shawl-knitting or knitters who just want a soothing project to work on for an hour or two at the end of a busy day.

Big photo: Little Meg

Small photo, top: Talisman Shawl

Small photo, bottom: Rewilding Shawl

Super-speedy, super-squishy shawls

Sometimes you just need to knit a gift FAST, but you still want to give them something substantial and impressive. This is where bulky and super-bulky yarn comes to the rescue. You can make a great-big wrap-around-you shawl in a matter of days, depending on how speedy you are with those needles!

Left: Bide Shawl
Right: Sonder Shawl

Cuddle-up blankets

Maybe you want to make something memorable for baby’s first holiday season. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect lap-blanket to keep someone toasty as they snooze by the fire. Or, just maybe, you’re ready to go all out with a big, generous throw blanket they can snuggle under while watching a holiday special on TV. These blanket patterns have you (and them) covered.

Big photo: Habitation Throw

Small photo, top: Georgie Baby Blanket

Small photo, bottom: Twinkle Twinkle Baby Blanket

Delightful matching sets

What’s better than one handknit gift? Two matching handmade gifts! Hats and mitts make excellent presents. They’re quick to knit, and a lot of fun for the maker and the wearer. I love using special yarns for these small projects, and depending on what size you’re knitting, you can sometimes even get the whole set out of a single skein. These patterns all come with lots of sizes to choose from, and by changing the yarn to suit the recipient, you can make them suit just about anyone on your list.

Big photo: Homebody Hat and Homebody Mitts

Small photo, top: How Quiet Hat and How Quiet Mitts

Small photo, bottom: Tchaikovsky Hat and Tchaikovsky Mitts

I hope this guide has sparked a few ideas for you: are you mentally checking names off that list? Make sure you take advantage of the BOGO sale: every pattern and collection is included, so just put two patterns into your Ravelry cart at the same time, and the least expensive one will become magically free at checkout! The flash sale ends Monday, October 12th, 2020, so this weekend, make some time to browse and daydream, and then treat yourself to a couple of patterns. You deserve it!

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