To help you on your shawl-knitting journey, I’ve recorded some quick and easy-to-follow tutorials. These bonus videos will walk you through some of the techniques used in the Shawl Society patterns.
Don’t worry: all of these techniques are simple and easy to grasp. I know that when I’m learning a new knitting technique (or just refreshing my memory of one I already know) it helps so much to be able to watch someone else demonstrating it. I think videos are amazing for this. I appreciate being able to watch as many times as I need to, so that I can absorb the information in my own time. I hope you find these videos helpful, too! If you run into any other techniques in the book that you would like me to demonstrate, just let me know, and I’ll work on adding a new video. As always, if you have any questions, the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group is a great place to find support, with a big helping of friendship on the side.
The STAR Stitch

The KYOK Stitch

Make One Right and Make One Left

Adding Beads to Your Knitting

Picot Bind Off