Welcome 2013

This year has a special sparkly feel to me. Shimmery and sparkly. I almost had butterflies on New Year’s Eve, this sense was so strong.

As always I spent time thinking about the coming year, possibilities, my hopes and dare I say it, goals. I used to make lots of resolutions, usually the same ones popping up year after year. I was eternally optimistic. After countless years of this intense plotting and planning it finally dawned on me that I never achieved any of them.

Last year I changed approach and set a single goal to run the New York Marathon and raise £10000 for a cancer charity. The simplicity was very powerful. I made it to the start of the marathon, all trained and geared up. Unfortunately, due to “Superstorm Sandy” the event wasn’t meant to be. But I counted it a success as I was fitter than I had been in years and I managed to raise over £6000 for Lymphoma and Leukaemia Research.

I thought about a single goal again this year but I haven’t been able to settle on anything inspiring. But I can’t let go of the pondering and musing about the year ahead completely. So for 2013, a theme:


I long for more energy. Not to need a cup of tea followed in quick succession by two coffees just to get started in the morning.

I had hoped that the increase in exercise associated with marathon training would provide this but alas it wasn’t the case. Maybe even the opposite was true. My wee one has not been as obliging getting into a good sleep routine as our first daughter. We lead busy lives and live in a hectic city. So a strategy to address the problem is required.

Firstly I will be sending myself to bed early on a regular basis. Not think about all the jobs I have to do or get distracted by rubbish TV – just get more sleep. Enough sleep. I will take a long hard look at my diet. Less sugar, less processed food. More fruit and vegetables. Gentle regular exercise and a few minutes of daily meditation.

Uh oh. This is starting to sound dangerously close to resolutions of years past. Maybe I will just be kinder to myself and leave it at that. And hopefully share with you the abundance of creativity that will come from all the extra energy.

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