CH 44: Trends in knitwear for A/W 2014

Helen —  October 3, 2014 — 53 Comments

Curious Handmade Podcast Episode 44

I’m talking to my special guest and good friend Vicki Hillman, fashion stylist about the trends in knitwear for the Autumn/Winter 2014 season.

Trends we discussed:

Sweater Dresses

Pinterest board: Sweater Dresses

Chunky Hats and Scarves and Texture

Pinterest board: Chunky Hats and Scarves

Knitted Trousers

Pinterest board: Knitted Trousers

Fabulous fluffy pom poms can be found at TOFT Alpaca


AlpakkaAnna’s comment about holiday knitting got me thinking about how many of us, me included love to knit gifts for family and friends but often find it a bit of a challenge.

I am planning a wonderful Knitvent collection for you again this year so I’m really curious this week to know –

What is it about gift/holiday knitting that you find most difficult?

Anyone who leaves a comment below by 9 October 2014 to help me understand the challenges of holiday knitting will go in the draw for a skien of divine Madeline Tosh Prairie in the Posy colour. This is the yarn I used to knit my Cloud Wrap with.

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53 responses to CH 44: Trends in knitwear for A/W 2014

  1. George (starmakerknits) October 3, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    The hardest thing I find is giving the beautiful hand knits away!! I’m such a selfish knitter! In all seriousness though I find this time of year hard to knit for others because it’s a time when everyone’s wearing such beautiful hand knits that I’m so inspired to make more for myself to wear!!

  2. I find that I want to knit so many things and run out of time. That is my challenge.
    Lmecoll on Ravelry

  3. The hardest thing about holiday knitting is deciding not to knit for people who won’t appreciate it. I would love to knit something for my dad, but I just know that he will laugh and throw whatever it is into a drawer and it’ll never see the light of day. So last year I just baked him some cakes instead. :p

  4. The hardest thing for me is picking out the right gift to knit for everyone on my list! And finding the time to knit everything!

    JKnits51 on Ravelry

  5. I hate the pressure of getting everything finished by a certain date. I’m terrible with deadlines.

  6. quiltercaroline October 3, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    I love knitting for the holidays and start very early – in fact I tend to knit things all year round. The challenge I have is finding things for the men in my life – I have no problems finding things for the ladies and children. I know there are lots of lovely patterns for men, but my guys don’t really wear hats and scarves, so what then – I’m not sure if there is an answer. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us with Knitvent this year. Best wishes C

  7. I love knitting things for other people but I hate pressure and deadlines so I make things all year round. The only thing I’m committed to this year are some Twiglet (imake) mitts for my mum and I’ve done them before so know how long they take me.
    I’m desperate to buy some Prairie but went a bit nuts at Yarndale so I’m hoping your random number generator favours me so I can knit your Cloud Wrap with this stunning colour!
    PS please can we have Vicki on the podcast again? It was fascinating and she’s fab!

  8. Finding the perfect gift that can be made multiple times without getting bored, and that doesn’t take more than a few hours.

  9. The thing I find hardest is constantly second-guessing myself about whether people will like the things I’m making them!

  10. Finding something to knit for the men in my life that isn’t hat or scarf is the most difficult thing for me.

  11. I hardest thing about knitting gifts for others is parting with them!! If you pick out lovely yarns, you want to keep them!

  12. The challenge of holiday knit giving is in not being too attached to an item that I’ve spent so many hours knitting. And it’s in knowing that I am the only one who can truly appreciate that, as well as being the only one who knows the high cost and quality of the yarn. So, the goal is to be able to ‘let go’ of that knowledge and realize that the recipient may not value the item as I do, but that it is now theirs to do with as they please.

  13. The challenge of holiday knitting for me is getting anything finished on time. This year I’m attempting mitts for some ladies I know, but whether I get them done or not is a different story. One year I would really like to knit for every one on my list because I find that hand knits are a more thoughtful gift than my fall back, which is a gift card.

  14. The challenge for me is knitting an item multiple times without getting bored and knitting something men will like.
    tlobner on Raverly

  15. For me it is a challenge knitting thinking that I must have done something to a date, makes me nervous, I do not enjoy knitting and of course always miscalculated the time I need. :))
    this year I’d love to knit socks for my husband and father, but just thinking about it I think that I won’t get in time (it’s a bit silly, I usually knit a pair of socks every 2 weeks)

  16. there are a few concerns when it comes to holiday knitting. Is the person knit-worthy? Will they use it or find the piece too good to put to use? Will they care (wash) it properly? Then comes in do I have something in my stash or do I need to make a purchase? Will they love it as much as I love it since it took me hours upon hours to make? Oh, I could probably go on, but you get the idea….I really only knit holiday gifts for two people, my parents. I know they love the things I make and I also know they use them. If they need help washing it, they give it back to me so I can do it. I’ve knit for others and ran into problems so I save most of my knitting time for myself. Selfish? nah, not really!

  17. The hardest thing about giving knitwear is finding people who truly appreciate what they are receiving.

  18. There are so many things that are hard about holiday knitting! Running out of time and worrying that the recipient won’t like it top my list.

  19. The hardest thing for me is deciding which pattern to knit first. I am a slow knitter so prioritizing is a big part of getting presents done.

  20. My challenge for holiday knitting is two fold. First I have a holiday boutique at my church where my knitting group sells things to donate money to charity. We do this twice a year so that is a lot of knitting.
    Second, my family just doesn’t appreciate the value of a hand knit. It’s seen as “less than” a store bought gift. This year I have spent time knitting for ME. (Your lovely shawls)

  21. The risk of people not using a knitted gift is what often puts me off from giving my knitwear away. The effort i put into the work is too big to be discarded.

  22. My problem with holiday/gift knitting is using stash yarn. I find that I buy yarn that I like and not with gift recipients in mind.

  23. Figuring out what to make for people. What color? What style? Will they actually use it? 🙂

  24. I think there a few things that make holiday knitting hard; one is feeling uncertain that what you are knitting the recipient will love, two is giving them away and the third is getting swept up and away with sharing my love of handknits with everyone – wanting to knit for so many people and then ending up being disappointed when I can’t.

  25. I don’t knit gifts that often. When I knit something I have to know the person is knitworthy and I have to find time. Knitting for Christmas is hard, because I don’t start planning early enough.

  26. Knitting always takes longer than I think it will as inevitably something else will get in the way of my knitting time if I’m working to a deadline! I also worry about getting the sizing right when knitting for others as I think fit is the key to making wearable pieces that someone with actually use and not just stuff in a draw on Boxing Day!

  27. The hardest thing is deciding what someone will like because everyone has different tastes. But that is probably the same with all presents.

  28. Hello! I’m a pretty slow knitter so I find it difficult to get things done to a Christmas deadline unless I’ve started very early. But I do like giving knitted gifts, so it’s a conundrum!

  29. I always say I’m not going to knit for anyone—but then I panic in November. I put things in a “gift” drawer all year but then I’m hesitant. Will the recipient like it? Seriously, I should relax!

  30. I would like to knit something for my new granddaughter due Dec. Jan. Mybe one of your shawls.

  31. 1. You spend a lot of time thinking, is Jane a cable kind of girl?
    2. You decide no one deserves a knitted gift anyway.
    3. In November you remember how sad your brother was last year when he didn’t get a hat. You decide to knit one hat.
    4. Somehow by December you are knitting hats and socks and scarves at an insane pace and end up giving people IOUs.
    5. At some point in December you are not wearing gloves–or a hat and start to think, how did I not knit myself something!

    You repeat this process every year like an idiot.

  32. The hardest part is the deadline. I have just about had it with KALs because of the deadlines! Especially since my family is all far away so anything I knit them has to be mailed.

  33. living in Australia means I feel a bit funny giving knitwear at Christmas!

  34. I love knitting for others but I am always paranoid that I am giving unwanted gifts. On the other hand, I hate to ask exactly what people want because then I’d be stuck knitting sweaters or things I hate to knit. So I usually stick to knitted ornaments. I’m considering knitting a few christmas themed hats this year, at least they can be worn once and then kept in the christmas box until the next year.

  35. I am a slow selfish knitter so it is hard to cut the ombilical cord between me and my knitted item . However, now that I am a new mum, knitting present has taken another dimension for me and it make me happy to see my handknitted object being alive on someone I love ! So my selfishness get softer with time but my knitting sluggishness is still there 🙂

  36. Picking the PERFECT pattern to make someone is by far the hardest part for me!

  37. The hardest thing is to find a pattern that looks complicated enough to be impressive, but doesn’t take an age. I really enjoyed this last episode.

  38. Time, of course, but also wildly exaggerated expectations of the perfect holiday always ruin it for me. I want to knit something for everyone, and do it while relaxing in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa, and have everyone love everything I’ve made. Life just doesn’t work that way.

  39. I find it hard to knit to deadlines – it makes me not enjoy the project. Also, I never know if the person is going to like what I made. Plus, many people still assume a handmade gift is a “cheap gift” when in fact, the materials often cost more than buying the same item already made from a shop – it is just that we are using fine wools or alpaca or silk when the shop-bought item is probably acrylic or a lesser grade wool.
    Despite all that, I still knit a few gifts but I mostly knit for family and very close friends who appreciate hand made items.

  40. I find the hardest part of Holiday knitting is to have it done on time! I have stopped making hand knit gifts for the Holidays. Instead I give hand knits on Birthday’s. That way I can put more time and energy into each persons gift. This year everyone has gotten a sweater…..some might have been a month or two late, but it is the thought that counts.

  41. I think the hardest thing for me is organising my time, I’m rubbish with deadlines and end up panicking that I won’t get things finished! Also the fear that you’ve put so much time and love into a gift and that it may not get loved/appreciated by the person who receives it.

  42. My challenge is finding a recipient who will appreciate something handmade. I have an 18-month old grandson who will be getting knitted gifts!

  43. As you mentioned me both on the podcast and the blog, I feel obliged to tell you about my thoughts of christmas knitting 😉
    Basicly, I am sorry to say that I’m a selfish knitter. For me it means that I often find it hard to feel enthusiastic when knitting to other people.
    At the same time, I think that I really should knit the christmas presents to my family, because most of them are knit worthy!
    Last year I made too big projects: I gifted a Colour Affection, a lace shawlette, a DK-sweater, a beanie, socks and some mittens.

    This year, if I am to knit any presents I want to make smaller things that are finished over an evening or so 🙂

  44. The most challenging aspects of holiday gift knitting are choosing the perfect pattern & color for everyone, and keeping to the deadline for each project. The idea of knitting holiday gifts is very appealing, but the reality can be overwhelming.

  45. The hardest thing is setting a realistic goal. I tend to over commit.

  46. I love the idea of giving knitted items but I am pretty slow so I would need to start in January! I am more likely to give yarn and a pattern since I have a lot of knitters in my gift giving circle.

  47. I hesitate because in the past I’ve found that giving hand knit gifts to friends and family (who are all non-crafty people) generally results in things like “oh greeeaatt…. a pair of mittens. Thanks…..” or knowing that it gets thrown in a drawer and never worn, or lost, which is hard for me. So now, I give knitted gifts only to people who actually ask for such things. Also to people with babies, somehow, they always seem to really appreciate it.

  48. This holiday knitting is a little tricky because I’m celebrating xmas with my boyfriends’ family for the first time and his mother keeps telling me she wants hand knitted socks for xmas. It’s really hard to choose the right pattern and since my BF is colour blind he’s of no help with choosing the colours.
    Starting in time is usually what I find the hardest, I always weave in the ends on Xmas Eve.

  49. Hardest thing about gift knitting has to be finishing on time. I only finished last years gifts in August!

  50. My problem with holiday knitting is wanting to knit too many things and then driving myself nuts trying to get it all done. Not this year… (Famous last words)

  51. Issue #1: I tend to want to knit everything for everyone at holiday time. And then get so wrapped up in the rush to finish, that I don’t enjoy the holiday season. This year I’m determined to keep my list focused to a few. One idea I have is to Christmas knit for those that have late spring or summer birthdays, since I don’t usually give them knitted gifts. My custom has been to knit for fall and winter birthdays, as the gift is so useable right then. Which leads me to Issue #2: I have such a large family and half of their birthdays are in November and January! So, I’m really looking forward to your knitvent possibilities…..though I know I’ll want them all for myself 🙂

  52. I just got a chance to listen to this episode. I loved your interview with Vicki. I rarely feel like get fashion trends right, and while knitted trousers will definitely not be in my wardrobe this season, it’s good to know what’s happening in the fashion world.

    In terms of gift knitting, I don’t do too much of it. It’s too often disappointing when the recipient doesn’t love it as much as they should, and the time pressure takes the fun out of knitting for me.

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