CH 205: Recollection by Renee Callahan & More Sock Knitting Hints

Helen —  February 2, 2018 — 11 Comments


On today’s episode I have a 2018 Make Nine Update, a review of a gorgeous new collection by Renée Callahan of East London Knits, a last call for Knitvent 2017 FOs, and some more sock knitting help.

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I am so delighted to welcome sock knitters new and old to our mysterious sock fellowship.
You can now join at the Early Bird Price for a short time.
There’s already lively conversation going on in our Ravelry thread, and from past experience I know that this is going to be an incredible group of passionate, friendly, community-minded knitters. I can’t wait to get started!
Midwinter Stitching Embroidery Workshop
London, Saturday 24 February
10am to 3pm

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Recollection by Renée Callahan

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Knitventers…you have a short extension to enter the Knitvent 2017 KAL: just get your project pages up and post your finished objects in the thread before Monday the 5th of February for a chance to win one of our lovely prizes, which include lovely things from:

Prairie Bag Works 

Eva Faith

The Wool Kitchen yarn that I used for Tulle Shawl


11 responses to CH 205: Recollection by Renee Callahan & More Sock Knitting Hints

  1. Louise van den Munckhof February 2, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    My favourite knitting project was when I was 9 years old. A joint project between me and my mother for beautiful dolls clothes for my doll Cybil ( Named after Cybil Faulty) as her hair was in the same style. Mum did some of the lace on here dress and I did most of the jersery and knickers. My best doll she came all the way from The Netherlands with my Aunt and Uncle and the patterns were from the Dutch Margriet Magazine. I also knit a pencil case when 13 years old and at High school and duplicate stitch patterns from the magazines on it and lined it with material and sewed a zipper on it. Wish I still had this one side was red the other black background. I still have the doll and some of the knitting.

  2. A favorite project is my Alpine Sunset Shawl from Knitvent 2016, for a couple of reasons. It was my first (and only so far) beaded shawl. I humbly state it turned out so beautifully and I am very proud of it. But the best part is I paired it with the perfect dress and wore it to my favorite niece’s wedding last April. I wore it again the next month on our wedding anniversary dinner date. Both have special memories and my Alpine Sunset Shawl shared in each. Mostly when I look at this Shawl, I instantly think of Emily’s perfect wedding day.

  3. While we were dating, my (now) husband learned to crochet. The two of us worked together to knit a log cabin afghan out of just about all of my acrylic stash. We still have it and put it on our bed every winter. There are special memories to each bit of yarn as well as a wonderful memory of making the afghan.

  4. My most memorable knitted item is a pair of basic mittens. I lived in Finland as a child and was taught to knit in school. These mittens are the mittens I knit in school when I first learned to knit 😊

  5. Last year, I was browsing through my LYS and I was drawn to a really soft cashmere ivory sock yarn. I am normally all about color, so was not sure why I purchased this yarn. Ivory was my mom’s favorite and I used to knit her shawls when she was not feeling well right before she passed away. When I got home from the store, I remembered that my aunt (my mom’s sister) was having a 90th birthday party. Right then and there, I knew I had to knit my aunt a shawl from my mom. My aunt was on a cruise when my mom passed and I think it was my mom working through me to give her sister a big shawl hug. My aunt carries the shawl in her handbag and wears it often.

  6. My most memorable knit is the Antler cardigan I knit for my daughter after our adoption was finalized.

  7. I am a newer knitter, (not yet 2years in). I knit mitts, mittens, and beanies for my five great nieces, nephews, and a few knit worthy friends. As I worked up each set, I remembered the fun we’ve had and how much I love each of them, and infused my feelings into each stitch. I believe this makes them individual to the person they were made for, and my hope is that they will feel the love and positive energy each time they wear their little gifts!

  8. My most memorable knitting projects are my Log Cabin Blanket because a it took so long to complete and b, its my cat and me’s favorite blanket; the other one is my Plucky Cardigan because even though it was meant for me, I made it two sizes too big and it will fit my mother. It’s what I get for adding too many raglan increases and not gauge swatching.

  9. My grandma did lots of knitting, jumpers for me when I was young and toys in her latter years. I now love knitting toys and I love the ones I knit with little cotton rabbits patterns and I now gift them to my great nieces and so am continuing the knitting heirloom link in the family.

  10. I knit a sock yarn scrap blanket for my daughter and finished it in time to send her off to college this past August. It makes me feel good to know that she has the handknits to keep her feeling loved when she’s far from home.

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