CH 61: with Joji Locatelli Knitwear Designer

Helen —  February 6, 2015 — 94 Comments

Curious Handmade Podcast 61 Joji Locatelli

Today I’m chatting to a special guest on the show, Joji Locatelli about sweater design and her latest collaboration with Veera Välimäki – a collection called Interpretations 2.

I will also be sharing an announcement about a new event in London, the Muse Connection.

Its February and that means that we’re talking about knitting sweaters and garments on the show this month.

Meadow Yarn

This episode is sponsored by Meadow Yarn.

In the spirit of the theme of sweater month I ask Anj, the owner of Meadow yarn about her sweater knitting. Anj replied saying:

“Just about our favourite thing to knit is a sweater… The options are infinite and the result always hugely satisfying, whether it’s a fine fair isle or a chunky quick-knit it’s always a pleasure to see a finished sweater roll off the needles. At the moment with temperatures sub-zero we’re thinking about Icelandic Lopi yarn… used to create traditional Icelandic ‘Yoked’ sweaters, known as Lopapeysas, they remain hugely popular with knitters around the world and contemplating the endless shade combinations – from the traditional ‘naturals’ to the vivid, jewel- bright colours – is just about the best fun we have on a chilly day at Meadow Yarn!”

You can purchase Icelandic Lopi yarn and other gorgeous products at

 Interview: with Joji Locatelli

Interpretations 2 Joji and Veera

And now to kick off the Sweater and Garment theme for the podcast this month I have a very special guest on the show. Joji Locatelli is a knitwear designer and more recently a knitting teacher. She has been delighting us with her garment and accessory patterns for several years now and has build up an incredibly varied library of designs for us to knit. Joji is based in Buenos Aries Argentina and regularly travels to yarn events. I met her very briefly at Unwind Brighton last year and was absolutely thrilled to have a longer chat with her about her designs and Interpretations 2 – her recent collaboration with Veera Välimäki. She is charming, warm, very smart and dare I say talented. She is also a super humble, generous person.

We also have a giveaway for you.

Please leave a comment on this post by next Wednesday 11 February and tell us what YOUR favourite item from Interpretations 2 is and we will be giving away an electronic copy to a comment selected at random.

The Muse Connection banner 

94 responses to CH 61: with Joji Locatelli Knitwear Designer

  1. Wow, this is a lovely collection! My favorite design is State of mind. While I really love the other designs, this one I know I will knit, and I am already planning for it.

  2. My favourite design in Interpretations 2 is Adventurous. I also like the Above the Horizon beanie. Both are sure to keep me warm in this chilly winter season.

  3. I just discovered your blog and podcast! What a great find! Looking forward to exploring your past posts and keeping up with the new ones!

    My favourite pattern of the collection (although difficult to choose only one!) has to be True – what a gorgeous garment!

    Thanks for your podcast!

  4. What a nice episode again! Thank you so much…I love listening to your podcast: it’s always interesting and wonderfully calming after a busy day…

    I hadn’t seen Interpretations 2 yet – it’s hard to decide on a piece, they are all beautiful…but my absolute favourite is state of mind, closely followed by adventurous…I’ll add them both to my queue!

  5. I love the neckline and detail in “State of Mind”, but the simplicity and flow in “True” really call to me. Isn’t it hard to find a favorite in this wonderful collection? Thanks for the fun interview this week! I loved listening to both of your sweet accents. 🙂

  6. It was hard to choose but I could definately see me getting lots or use from a ley lines shawl. It’s a lovely collection.

  7. I’m listening to the podcast now as I’m knitting on my Old Romance, what a great interview.
    I love this new collection and it’s so hard to pick one but if I had to chose one it would be True but I would actually be happy to knit the whole collection!!!!! Deb x

  8. I think I “need” either True Friend or Serenity in my wardrobe.


    Dutchgirl63 on Rav

  9. Thanks for the great interview with Joji! My favorite is Veera´s design True Friend.

  10. True is my favorite! I just love that dramatic, cozy shape.

  11. I LOVE them all. But if I have to pick one, it would have to be True! I can see myself knitting AND wearing it!!!

  12. Rosemary Herlihy February 6, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    So many I would make from this collection, my favorite is adventurous.

  13. I love Adventurous. Beautiful cabled sweater. Joji’s patterns also come in the larger sizes which I need. Adventurous is on my list to do this year.

  14. This one is so tough! It’s a toss up between True, Falling, and Adventurous as a first pick for knitting! I’m in need of a new sexy cardigan/coat, and who doesn’t love a nice big shawl? They’re all really beautiful patterns, and I’d be lying if I said I’d only pick one to knit!

  15. What a beautiful collection! It is hard to choose…..I am particularly drawn to Adventurous, State of Mind, and True. If I had to pick, probably Adventurous as I love a-line silhouettes. The cables and the shawl collar add even more interest.

    Thank you for the chance, and for your thoughtful and interesting podcasts.

  16. I love your blog and podcast. What an inspiring interview. I love Ley Lines – actually I love all of them! That is my current favourite though.

  17. Thank you for this interview from Joji! Interprétations 2 is a really lovely collection. Hard to choose just one item. But I think my favourite one is Serenity!

  18. State of Mind is my favorite – it would definitely be the most flattering on me and I’d love to knit it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I love them all, Ley Lines and True Friends are my top two, what a fab collection, great interview, thanks

  20. If I were any good at knitting cables, then Adventurous– just amazing! But since I’m not so great at them (yet– working on it! I’m hopeful!), then True or Float. 🙂 They are all lovely and flattering and wearable.

  21. My favorite is Salt and Sand. Thanks

  22. I squeed when I saw the collection! I love Serenity, True, Adventurous….I could go on!

  23. Thank you for yet another fantastic episode!
    My favourite in interpretations 2 is Serenity!

  24. Thanks for a lovely episode!
    My favourites from Interpretations 2 is Adventurous and Serenity. I need both of those in my wardrobe.

    I’m Suddgummi on Ravelry.

  25. Helen – I really enjoy listening to your podcast. I look forward to it every week, although I’m usually a few weeks behind. This time, however, I am all caught up and would like to say that I found Joji charming. I am knitting one of her patterns now – Boxy and Buttony.
    My favorite pattern in Interpretations 2 is Lay Lines, followed closely by Falling and Fly Forward. Thanks for offering a chance to win the patterns.

  26. I love, love State of Mind—cabled cardi, always my favorite!! But I’ll be planning to knit Salt and Sand in the near future. We live in a place with sweltering summers and I’m always looking for summertime knits.

    Thanks for a great podcast!

  27. This was a fantastic interview. I fell in love with Joji. What a life she has led. I’m torn in deciding between Adventurous and Petites Bulles as my favorite designs. In reality, I would probably knit Petites Bulles, but I would love to wear Adventurous….all of the cables would be a fantastic adventure.
    Thanks for a great podcast and the opportunity to win one of Joji’s designs.
    judyinthedyes on Rav

  28. Loved listening to this inspiring podcast. Thank you Hellen!
    Hard to pick a favourite from Interpretations 2.. I love Serenity and State of mind very much. Top favourite would be Serenity!

  29. Beautiful collection, the Falling shawl is a quick favorite.
    Ravelry: WintonB

  30. I love Serenity…can’t wait to knit it!

  31. Yet another lovely episode Helen – love listening to you!

    I love Ley Lines and Fly Forward … and I’m contemplating whether I could get away with wearing a cardigan design such as True!

  32. It is an amazing collection. There are two that are my favorite, but I don’t see myself knitting them anytime soon since I don’t always have solid stretches of uninterrupted knitting time…..those being Adventurous & State of Mind. both very pretty, but the one I see myself being able to stop and start frequently and actually get finished is True Friend. I’m dustytreeknits on Ravelry. and thank you!

  33. Hi Helen! My favorite patterns in the collection are “Adventurous” and “State of Mind” but I know I’d be more likely to finish “Above the Horizon” or “Fly Forward” in the near future.

    I really enjoyed this interview. What stuck out for me was Joji’s comment about how she has to keep pattern writing in mind when she’s designing something. I hadn’t thought about how a designer/writer needs to be able to write the directions so that another knitter could reproduce them and get the same item. I mean, I know that’s what a pattern is supposed to be. However, I’d never thought about how that can be limiting to designers. That was interesting to learn. Those lovely art/couture pieces can be amazing, but aren’t designed with reproduction in mind.

    Thanks for sharing the interview. I’m a sort of new listener. January’s “simplicity” themed interviews were also very helpful. Your podcasts are helping me be more reflective about my knitting this year.

  34. True Friend is my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway! archaeo on Ravelery

  35. I can’t go past Adventurous. It is simply amazing. I am not really a green person but this is just perfect for the vibrant green that Joji received. I hope to knit this one day and would love to make it such a gorgeous colour.
    tashbalaz on ravelry

  36. I love True Friend. It’s a really clever design and seems like something I could wear a lot!

  37. True is one of my favorites in the collections. I love the casual but elegant look.

  38. I love Joji and Vera. My favorite is True.
    All designs are so beautiful and wearable that is hard to choose. Thank you for the nice podcast!!

  39. My favourite is the Float pullover by Veera Välimäki. Thank yoy for a great episode.

  40. Ley Lines is the pattern I would love to make!

  41. Adventurous is very inspiring but I’d probably cast on Above the Line first.

  42. The interview was lovely. I think my favorite pattern in this stunning collection would have to be True.

  43. Fly forward is my ‘most likely to knit’ . It’s so VV-classic and elegant lines.

  44. My word for the year is focus. Wow love the focus shawl. It is a project that requires you to truly focus!

  45. What a fantastic episode! I really enjoyed listening to Joji talk about the design process and using those words as a jumping off place. I have to say while not a practical choice for my climate, Adventurous calls to me and my inner fantasy fairy tale snow princess, it’s beautiful. Falling and Ley Lines both speak to the more practical, “I’d wear that lots” me. Thank you again for a great interview and big cheers to you and Kate on the Muse Connection.

  46. What a great interview and a great pattern book too. I just love Adventurous, fabulous cables.

  47. Thank you Helen for another great episode.
    It’s really hard to pick only one! I think my favorite pattern is Serenity.

  48. Great interview! I have several of Joji’s patterns queued but have not made any yet. From this collection, the shawls are all gorgeous but I think I might want to try Serenity first.

  49. Great podcast! I love love love True, so cozy looking! <3

  50. Christine carpenter February 10, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    I love your podcast and the interview was wonderful
    I must say I love most of the patterns but I can see myself knitting the petite bullies immediately
    I still have several of yours to finish first and I am enjoying them really a lot

  51. Float is the one I’d knit first. It’s hard to pick a favourite, so I’ve gone with that criteria to help me narrow it down! It’s wintery winter here, and the idea of a pullover with a warm cowlneck is sounding really fab.

  52. I love the Serenity tunic, such a flattering neckline!

  53. Thank you, what a wonderful interview. Joji is an impressive person. The sweater True Friend attracted me most, although any of these would be a treat to knit.

  54. Fabulous podcast and very inspiring! Lots of gorgeous patterns. Would love to try the Petites Bulles and Adventurous – just love all the cables!

  55. My favourite is Salt and sand – but it’s a close call.
    I really enjoy your podcast – I was especially inspired in January…

    /Elskebeth on Rav

  56. My favourites are State of Mind and Serenity. How hard to just choose two!

  57. Ley Lines would certainly be my first pick….so it is in my favorites just in case I don’t win. So many beautiful choices in this collection!

  58. Just listening to your latest podcast this morning. Such an interesting interview! My favourite design is Petites Bulles. I love the simplicity of the hat. Pj x

  59. I love Adventurous! Cablelicious!

    And I adore yours and greentrianglegirl’s new Muse Connection idea!

  60. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is Serenity.

  61. I loved their first interpretations collection, and they haven’t disapointed with the second, i’d say my favourite is adventurous, so much cable-y goodness

  62. Debbie in Oregon February 11, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    The shawl, Falling! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! AND thank you for the wonderful designs you both create.

  63. Such a big Joji fan! Another great collection!

    MisKnitz on Rav b

  64. This is such a beautiful collection. It would be hard to choose which pattern to knit first as there are so many that I’ll like to make.

  65. I love Adventurous by Joji. Those cables are just calling to me.

  66. Oh I would love to win it, I was looking at this this morning.

  67. Nyree Dawn Dowell February 11, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    Falling is absolutely gorgeous although the entire collection is stunning!

  68. I loved this interview with Joji. As a doctor myself and sample knitter in my spare time, I found it really inspiring to know that it is possible to trade in the day job for a life in knitwear!
    I love all of the things, but I think the first on my needles would be Petites Bulles as I’m fed up of feeling cold on my walk to work from the bus station and I think this would help keep me warm.

  69. What a great episode Helen! I love Interpretations 2 – my favourite design has to be Joji’s Adventurous cardigan. It is amazing! Have a great weekend 🙂

  70. I love so many patterns in the collection. If I had to pick I really like Fly Forward.

  71. I had adventurous in my rav queue before I could blink and I really love true friend too, it looks so wearable!

  72. Thank you so much for the interview. I love Joji’s designs; she seems like such a sweet and humble person.
    I love the eye-searingly purple shawl (which I think is the cover item).
    Barbara (blb on ravelry)

  73. I would love to make many of these, getting more ‘Adventurous’ with my knitted garments!

  74. Lovely episode. My favorite pattern from the new collection is True.

  75. My favourite is Adventurous. Amazing color and so pretty.

  76. My favourite design in Interpretations 2 is between State of Mind and Adventurous, but I also like Above the Horizon.

  77. I discovered your podcast some days ago and love it!

    And love this giveaway!
    What lovely designs! I have many favorites but already planned Falling!

  78. I really like True, and following at a close second, True Friend.
    tlobner on Ravelry

  79. I listen to podcasts as I walk to work and currently I’m behind. 🙁 However, I love your podcasts (I’m a new listener) and I so look forward to hearing this one. Love the new interpretations 2!

  80. I have many favorites from this amazing collection but True Friend is probably what I’ll be making first.

  81. Thank you for another delightful episode. My favorite pattern from Interpertations II is True. It looks so cozy; perfect for our cold winters here in Wisonsin. Thanks for the opportunity Helen!

  82. I’m working on a UFO sweater project from last year and this was a great podcast to help motivate me as I knit through some not-very-exciting sleeves. I like adventurous because the cables are so pretty!

  83. I absolutely love State of Mind! The whole collection is beautiful!

  84. So many wonderful designs…as I would expect. I like salt and sand…there aren’t many cute tanks like this one! Thanks for sharing this great interview.

  85. LindseyAdelaideOZ February 12, 2015 at 3:15 am

    SALT AND SAND, because its summer here in OZ, 41 degrees C on Saturday for the start of ICC World Cup CRICKET!

  86. These are the two most frequent designers on my queue, so this collection made my head explode. Hopefully I’m not too late!

  87. Oops! Ley lines is my favorite!

  88. Loved the interview! It’s True for me as a favorite! Thank you ALL for the opportunity!

  89. I adore ‘Falling’ – I’d love to make that one….thank you for this lovely giveaway.

    grammie2maddie – rav

  90. “Adventurous” is my favourite pattern in this beautiful collection.

    P.S I love your podcast.

    (Suzyknits – Ravelry)

  91. I love Adventurous too. I don’t know that I could ever knit such a big sweater but it looks wonderful to wrap oneself in.
    Bluebirdnest on Ravelry

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