Curious Collective Shawl Project: Week 3

Helen —  June 2, 2013 — 21 Comments

Here we are at Week 3 of the Curious Collective Shawl Project.

This week I’d like to know what weight of yarn you would like the shawl to be. Keep in mind we have already decided on textured stitches and a semicircular or perhaps crescent shaped shawl. It maybe isn’t the most exciting question but it will have a big impact on the drape and overall effect of the shawl so choose wisely 😉

As with all the polls I’m very happy to work with whatever the collective chooses and intrigued to find out the results.

[polldaddy poll=”7146800″]


And taking all the feedback in the comments into account from last week, I’ve decided to add an extra question in this week to clarify details about the shape as my question last week was a little vague.

[polldaddy poll=”7146834″]

Both the polls will close at Midday, Friday 7 June (GMT).

I loved reading all the comments last week and am totally inspired by your feedback. I’d love to know how you feel about the choices this week.

I’m going to be travelling this week to the Squam Arts Retreat. It looks amazing and I’m looking forward to knitting by a lake! I’m still hoping to have an update for you next weekend but in case I’m not able to it will be next Monday.


I think I’ve caught up with most people who were missing out on updates. But if you sighed up or bought the pattern on Ravelry and you don’t receive an update this evening then do message me on Ravelry or email and I’ll sort it out.

21 responses to Curious Collective Shawl Project: Week 3

  1. It’s really nice that you re considering the crescent shape even though it wasn’t one of the original choices. Thanks! And based on the popularity of crescents right now, and my love of them, I’m delighted.

  2. Thanks for asking again about the shape. I think the crescent shape drapes over the shoulders better than the half-circle, for my body anyway!

  3. Wondering what it says about me that all my votes so far have been with the majority…mmm : )

  4. Thanks so much for your very creative and original choose-your-own-shawl project! Not being a designer myself, I don’t know whether this sounds more like an interesting adventure or next-to-impossible designing task, but I can’t wait to see the end result!

  5. I’m a bit tired of crescents and I prefer a shawl that’s much deeper than most crescents so that it covers my arms at least down to my elbows. I wear shawls as much for added warmth as for decoration and I can’t wear them wrapped around my neck, I get too hot.

  6. It’s a hard decision about the yarn! I can imagine a really pretty result in any weight (although I’m a bit intimidated by lace weight, I have to admit!) I am hoping the crescent shape will turn out to be the favorite 🙂 And just WOW that people from 53 countries are taking part! Thank you for such a fun adventure!

  7. The build up to making this shawl is lots of fun. I hope crescent shape wins as I find they fit me better than a half circle. Thanks for the fun.

    • Now it was difficult to choose. Should I choose Sock or DK? Decided DK for it, I think I will be good for a textured shawl.

  8. So excited about the crescent shape! I just love them!

  9. This really is a fun way to participate in a project – thank you for giving us this opportunity!


  10. I can’t see the poll and was wondering if that was just a problem on my end?

    • Ashley I’m sorry about that. It seems to be working ok generally. I’ll email you.

      • I also seem to be able to not find the poll for the third option – but I think that something in the range of 6 ply fingering to dk would be fine. Looking forward to the crescent shape.

  11. Lori Houston — Indulgence on Ravelry June 3, 2013 at 8:25 am

    I agree that I am thrilled that you added the crescent shape to the running. I made a circular… and even though it was made from yarn made just for me (with some alpaca stripes added in just for the flavor) I find that I don’t wear it very much.. and possibly it is because of the drape… I haven’t decided yet. I also made a shawlette in the crescent shape that I find I wear very often as a scarf.. So, if the crescent shape wins, I’ll be interested once this KAL is done to see if it’s the shape, color, size or what on the circular that I made if I find that I just adore this one as well.

    I really like this interaction.. thank you for offering such an intriguing pattern!!

  12. I’m really glad that the crescent shape is under consideration. Shawls with a long straight edge at the neck are difficult for me to wear. I always feel like the fabric gets bunched up at the neck and then you can’t see the design. I voted for DK weight, but I’d be fine with sock weight as well. This is really fun!

  13. You are a brave lady…but this is so much fun! Thank you 🙂

  14. I like the crescent shape , but I also want a shawl that will cover my arms, especially in cooler weather, and would like a pattern that offers suggestions for enlarging the design for those that want to do so. Thanks for offering all the choices, I am looking forward to the design. Troy

  15. beccy/purrdee June 3, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    hi there… missed the first couple of polls…this really intriging to be part of….will there also be a “colour” varigated..tonal etc…??? cant wait for the end result. thanks

  16. I’ve never done a crescent shape so that’s my vote. And I would love either a lace or sock weight yarn that will help use up my stash.

  17. I’ve never done a crescent shape so that’s my vote. And I would love either a lace or sock weight yarn that will help use up my stash.

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