The Official Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge Post!

Helen —  August 11, 2015 — 8 Comments

CHWChallengeIf you heard last week’s podcast, you know that we’ve just launched a really exciting challenge which will be running over the next three months. I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can be more intentional about creating (and wearing) a wardrobe of handmade garments and accessories that work together for real lifestyles. There are so many reasons why a handmade wardrobe is a worthy dream: the ability to truly express your individuality, clothes that truly fit your shape, the chance to break free from the destructive cycle of “fast fashion” and (of course) the sheer joy of making things and flourishing in your own creativity.

I was chatting about this to a friend of mine, Susan, (she’s Kizmet on Ravelry) and we decided together that the time was right to get serious about exploring this subject. That’s why we decided to launch this challenge. We want to start a conversation about where you start with a project like this, and what it takes to create, curate, style, maintain and wear a wardrobe of beautiful things that you’ve made with your own hands, and we want to do it with the input and support of the creative community. We’ve decided on a really generous timeline so that everyone can take part without needing to rush.

Would you like to join us? The rules are simple:

Guidelines for the Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge:

Dates: August 7-Oct 31, 2015


This month is for dreaming, getting inspired and planning your project. Really give yourself time to take a look at what you already have and any gaps that might be crying out to be filled. Whether you’re in need of staples like a workaday pullover or you want to shake things up with a really artistic piece, this is all about focusing on your own individual needs, wants, and dreams. Make moodboards, if that inspires you. Shop for materials and notions.

The parameters for the wearble object(s) are extremely open: the project simply has to be anything you can wear, clothing or accessories, and all types of crafting are acceptable: knitting, sewing, crochet, embroidery–all are welcome.


Time to start your handmade wearable object: a piece or more to add to your wardrobe!


Finish up your wearables and post photos in the FO thread. We’ll be most inspired if you can photo them with you wearing them.

Come chat!

We’re curious about lots of things related to a handmade wardrobe, and we know that community support is going to be a big part of seeing this project through. Everyone will be getting together in the Curious Handmade Ravelry Group to share, ask questions, offer advice, and cheerlead each other through the whole process.

Official chatter thread

FO thread

We’ll be asking questions, where we can dig deeper into every aspect of creating a handmade wardrobe. Whenever you decide to jump in, feel free to answer them with us! We’ll update this post as the questions are posted.

  1. First, why are you thinking about this and going to take on the challenge? (added 8/8/15)

That’s all the details for now! We’re really excited to see where this challenge takes us.

8 responses to The Official Curious Handmade Wardrobe Challenge Post!

  1. Hi Helen, this fits in perfectly with something I started on my blog a few weeks ago. Very exciting! x

    • Hi Sarah! I love the challenge you set for yourself. It is so interesting to read about the different patterns you’re making!

  2. Okay I’m in. I am working towards all handmade clothing for myself. Because it fits better. I can’t afford the very well made clothing I really want to wear. No one else will be wearing what I am wearing. And I have a studio full of yarn fabric and fiber.

  3. I’m in a wardrobe rut and this is just the challenge I need to get some sewing done. I’ve got a stash of linen in several colors that I never got around to using. Now is the time!

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