Making things is good for the soul

Have you ever started knitting something and put it aside in frustration (or even plain boredom)?
Perhaps something in the pattern doesn’t make sense, or you are burnt out on swathes of stocking stitch? For whatever reason, you can’t get into the flow and the end piece starts to feel too far away.
Curious Handmade knitting patterns are for hand knitters who have mastered the basic skills and now are looking to create something beautiful and unique. Curious Handmade patterns are designed to help you achieve the look you envisioned while still providing the soothing enjoyment that comes from the rhythm of a good knit. With the right pattern (and the perfect yarn) you can feel the tedium of the commute or the stress of a busy life fade away, leaving you with a beautiful piece of clothing or something for the home that you can wear with pride or give with love.
Helen Stewart, creator of Curious Handmade is on a mission to design delightful things, write the most helpful patterns possible and support you to make that perfect knitted item.  Need a friend to knit with and some inspirational thoughts for the day? Helen hosts the popular Curious Handmade podcast, available to download or listen via iTunes.
Helen creates patterns in the firm belief that a well written pattern can greatly assist to fully enjoy the knitting experience, helping calm and soothe away fretful days without having to concentrate on mysterious instructions that leave you tense and dissatisfied.
You will find all Curious Handmade patterns available for direct download via the Ravelry pattern shop.

About Helen

Helen Stewart is the creator behind Curious Handmade, a knitwear brand and podcast that bring together her love of craft, travel stories, life lessons and community. A busy mum of two gorgeous girls, Helen was something of a nomadic wanderer before she finally settled in her South London home where she now runs her successful design and pattern business in between school runs and taming toy avalanches. Originally from Queensland Australia, Helen has drawn from her journeys to bring you a fresh take on modern knitting patterns for your wardrobe and home.
Helen’s motivation is to help everyone harness the creativity at the end of every person’s fingertips and provide a knitting experience that is rich with the opportunity to learn, soothe and reflect every knitter’s individual style. Moving away from her former life as a consultant for large global organisations, Helen began designing and recording with the idea of connecting knitters all over the world and challenging them to make something truly unique.
Whether it’s sharing a story, a technique or an affection for the way a lace stitch captures the perfect tone of the yarn, Helen is documenting it all at Curious Handmades.
You can join the journey and the conversation on Ravelry, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
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For enquiries or just to say hello, email at helen@curioushandmade.com

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  1. This shawl is beautiful. Just perfect! You did a great job and it was fun to add suggestions. Thanks!