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  1. I have made the Radiance shawl using KPPPM, Madelinetosh Sock, TSCArtyarns and Misti Alpaca Silk and Cotton…..I want to knit this for a friend who is very heavy and would like the shawl to be wider. How do I change the pattern for an oversized person?

  2. Hello,
    I voted this week, but I am concerned about the options. One option was the narrow stripes. The second option was large areas of color. You stated that it could be 1 color for the shawl itself with the other color outlining it. You also gave the “other” option.
    You gave a very nice picture of a sweater with narrow stripes. That gave a good idea of what that first option would be like. With the second option you showed two pictures that represented areas of color throughout the garment, which I thought awful for a shawl. You never showed a shawl or other garment with the solid within and the other color outlining. I believe this second option contains two SEPARATE options. And with people voting for it, how do you know if it is bunches of color all over or the outlining with color with solid within? I really believe this needs a redo poll.
    Thank you,
    Joanne Thomas

  3. I recently purchased the Elemental Things Shawl as part of the CC Shawl project (thank you for the great discount). Just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying this project. I love the fact that you wrote out every row (amazing!) but also included a chart pattern as well. While I am only at Row 136 – it’s been very easy to follow. I also just purchased the baby blanket pattern from you so another future project in the queue.
    I look forward to your completion of the shawl project. Thank you for creating such lovely patterns.

  4. I am attempting the Glitz at the Ritz. As a fairly new knitter I was a little confused about
    Beaded Eyelet Lace Section:
    Work Beaded Eyelet Lace pattern 7 full times, then work Rows 1-7 once more. 217 sts.
    “then work Rows 1-7 once more.”
    Was this the Beaded Lace Rows 1-7 or the Garter section 1-7.
    Thanks for the help.

  5. Hello Helen,
    I have recently changed my e-mail address from comcast.net to me.net and when I use a coupon to get your pattern Radiance Shawl it says that it will send the pattern to my comcast address which I dont have any more. How do we fix this?????

  6. Hi Helen love the podcast -as a kiwi living in America I feel a small connection with you
    If you purchased all the patterns for the year does the latest pattern came with that or is it a separate pattern. Looking forward to the new knitalong.

  7. hi, this might be a strange question, on the twinkle blanket, can it be started with dpns, versus the magic loop. not wanting to buy more needles.

  8. Hi I’m quite new to knitting and am very glad to have found your blog and podcast. I have purchased two of your patterns, one being the Pebble Shawlette. Please could your let me know if the ‘fingering’ wool /4ply means that I can knit it in English 4ply yarn? I’m a little confused on the types of yarn available and what patterns to knit what with 🙂
    kind regards
    Lin (lin2804 on Ravelry)

  9. Hi Helen,
    I am enjoying your pod cast a lot , particularly on the train (London to Cornwall ) .
    I have been part of a research project about craft and wellbeing, a collaboration between the researcher Fiona Hackney (Falmouth University and Sarah Corbett (craftivist collective). I am in my 2. MA Art and Environment, part of it is a workplacement with the Natural Fibre Company in Launceton, Cornwall . The company did a “de-stash”sale and there was yarn which they wished to donate.
    The project received a generous donation of British Yarn, which we could give to the groups how we’re taking part, making flowers and talking about wellbeing. The project is carried on by. Sommerset Arts. Projects like this are a great way to put yarn to a good use! Christiane

  10. Hi Helen,
    I have almost completed the Curious Collective Shawl. I changed the bottom 2 inches to stockinette. Now I want to do an eyelet I cord bind off. My problem is this…the bottom is self rolling horribly. If I were to do a couple of rows of garter stitch, would that stop the rolling.
    Thank you.

  11. Hello Helen,
    I have just recently discovered your podcasts and I am just writing to say how much I enjoy them. I have an eight month old and it is a bit of an art persuading her to have an afternoon nap so I end up circling the streets of my home town with the pram and your podcasts, it is 100% more enjoyable now.
    I have mentioned this is in my blog, and provided a link. I am just starting out so I can’t imagine it will swamp you with hits but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
    If you get a chance please take a look. I am at theidleknitter.wordpress.com
    Thank you for your time
    Eilish Smith

  12. I was thrilled to hear you read my comment about Anzula Cloud on your podcast and I’m super excited to have the opportunity to work with Clara’s Cormo. Thank you for making this possible. As I’ve never won a skein of yarn before – I was wondering how this works.

  13. Hi Helen
    Have just started listening to the podcast and am working my way backwards. Love it. Heard you say that you are coming to Australia on the podcast. Oral B Superfloss are readily available here in chemists and stores like Priceline. $AUD 4.00 for a box of 50 a lot less the 30 UK pounds. (Brought a box on special the other day for $AUD2.76) Never would have thought to use mine for beading. Will add them to the box of tricks.

  14. Hi there! I would like to continue receiving your newsletter, but I have to change my email address. Do I have to unsubscribe with my old one, then re-subscribe with my new email address? Thanks. ~Dotti

  15. Hi. I am making the pebble beach shawl and have a question. The instructions state “Rows highlighted in yellow indicate a change in stitch pattern”. Does this mean the highlighted row has now become the repeat for, in this case, the right side rows?

  16. Hi Helen.
    I just love your shawl patterns, they all look so elegant! Today I cast on for the Snowmelt Shawl, however I have noticed something. On your pictures it seems like there are three rows of *k2tog, yo* in clue 1, however, in the pattern (and in the pictures posted by other knitters) I only see two rows of *k2tog, yo* (row 71 and 95). Could it be, that there should have been a *k2tog, yo* row at row 83?
    Hoping to hear from you!
    All the best,

  17. Hello from Canberra! I purchased The Handmade Sock Society starting in February but forgot to get the pattern for Vintage Fairy Light Socks. When I applied the code to get the pattern, it told me that the code had expired. Is it possible to get the pattern with another code? Looking forward to knitting all the lovely socks. I’d also like to take the chance to say how much I enjoy your podcast as well. Very inspiring! 🙂 Kind Regards,
    Gaynor Hodder

  18. Hello,
    I am an avid crafter and I have started my own Internet TV show titled Hand Sewn Sunday. I host my weekly show on my Facebook Business page for crocheted dog capes. I would like for you to consider me as a future guest. I have been crocheting and sewing for over 40 years.

  19. I am looking forward to the socks coming up. I admire your sock hangers. Where do you get them from? I live in the UK and realise it would be good to have this utensil for the finished socks. I look forward to hearing from you.

  20. Hi Helen, I love listening to your podcasts- usually as I am walking our dog, Dobby, along the beach here in nZ! I just wanted to point out that in your blog the link to the ‘a yarn story’ sponsor is wrong. It should be ayarnstory.co.uk not.com. It would be nice to have the right link for your sponsor’s sake! Cheers, Susan

  21. Hi Helen! I might not have contacted you correctly on Rav; my name there is Wanderlustknits. I am so grateful for the Interpretations copy. 🙂 Thank you so much!

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