Curious Collective Shawl Project Update

I has been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it?!

But not at Curious Handmade HQ, not at all.

I have been knitting like an absolute ninja here. I’ve knitted on the sofa, at swimming practice, at the pub, on my birthday, in the garden and I even knitted a long and cable-y row at Wimbledon (go Andy!) such was my dedication to getting it finished for you!

After five days solid of knitting, lots of scribbling, frequent punching numbers into a calculator and a substantial amount of ripping and re-knitting at one point I can present a sneak preview of the Curious Collective Shawl!

I know that many of you are really excited to get started. I am also itching to start another one too!

So I’ll be finalising my notes, writing everything up and getting the pattern tested over the next week. I can’t give an exact date just yet but I am aiming to release the pattern and kick off the knit along in the week starting 15 July.

knitting shawl pattern

I am really happy with the shawl design – until its finally blocked I am never sure if it is going to work.

My lovely photographer Kirsty came over on Thursday and took some photos. I think the pictures are gorgeous.

I so hope you like it, as I know that many of you have invested a lot of ideas and voting into it and I really appreciate all the participation along the way. I can say without a doubt this shawl has been the most fun to design of all my shawls so far.

Now I have a little confession to make. I was so nervous to show you the final result that I procrastinated writing this post all day yesterday and most of today!

shawl knitting pattern

I am thrilled with the colour choice (Juno Alice Raisin and Heather Shadow). I realised while I was knitting it that this exact colour combination was the first Juno Alice yarn I bought from Loop well over a year ago and I had planned to make a striped shawl with it from the beginning! It was obviously meant to be!

If you would like this exact colour combination or one of the other combinations (or make up your own) you can contact Asti at the Juno Etsy shop and she will custom dye the yarn for you.

Shawl knitting pattern

The Curious Collective Shawl pattern will be available for $3 on Ravelry until I publish the pattern and then it will go up to the full price of $6.

Of course everyone who has signed up for the pattern already will get an update with the full pattern just as soon as I have it ready for you. Thank you so much for your patience!

I’m starting to plan the KAL and would love to hear your thoughts about how best to structure it and how long people would ideally like to knit the shawl. Please leave any ideas and requests in the comments!

ETA:  A few people have asked about yardage – I just weighed what I have left from the two 100g skeins.

I used 82g of the Raisin (darker purple) and 60g of Heather Shadow. So as the Juno Alice is 437 yards/100g that makes yarn requirements about 360 yards of Raisin and 260 yards of Heather Shadow.

I used 3.5mm (US 4) circular needles (100cm length) and recommend using 4mm (US 6) for the cast on. You’ll also need a cable needle.

If you haven’t tried cables before – don’t be scared – its a really easy pattern (and only for a section of the shawl) and would be a great introduction for a bit of cable knitting 🙂


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