Every Knitvent til now…

Cue holiday nostalgia in 3…2…1! As I’m tidying away the last details for our Knitvent 2018 theme reveal these year, I’ve taken a few moments to wander down memory lane. This will be our 6th Knitvent together, and it’s absolutely incredible to think of all the gifts we’ve knit together in that time. So many memories, so many surprises, and what must be approaching millions of yards of yarn by now. It’s also really fun to see how Knitvent has changed and grown with the community over time, and to revisit the themes that we explored together year after year.

If you happen to be new to Curious Handmade, you might not have been around for these Knitvents, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out. All of our Knitvent collections are still available to purchase as full collections or as individual patterns. And until midnight tonight, Monday October 15th, 2018, my buy-one-get-one free sale is still running, so you can stock up if you like!

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To everyone who has ever been a part of Knitvent before: thank you! You are an indispensable part of the magic. I hope that peeking back at everything we’ve enjoyed together might remind you of an older pattern you’ve been meaning to make, or maybe nudge you to knit a favourite again this year. So without further ado, here’s every Knitvent so far…


Knitvent 2017

Our Nutcracker Knitvent last year was so joyous and lively! I heard from so many of you about your own Nutcracker memories and was swept away by the excitement and enthusiasm of the community for these patterns. The dreamy ballet theme, the fairytale atmosphere, the re-captured childhood magic…it was all very, very special.


Large photo: Land of Sweets Cowl

Small photos, clockwise from top: Marzipan Legwarmers, Clara’s Cape, Tchaikovsky Mitts, Tchaikovsky Hat, Tulle Shawl

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Knitvent 2016

This was also a special year. I love the colour story for this collection, and the theme of a cosy winter holiday in an picture-postcard-perfect alpine forest is still a magical place to visit in my imagination. In 2016 we also had Renée Callahan of East London Knit join us as a guest designer. She created the gorgeous Boreal Forest set with its graphical colourwork.


Large photo: Alpine Sunset Shawl
Small photos, clockwise from top: Fresh Tracks HeadbandBoreal Forest HatBoreal Forest CowlJuniper SocksJuniper Mitts

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Knitvent 2015

In 2015 we explored the theme of “light and bright” with a collection that was all about beautiful textures, comforting, cosy yarns, and all the heartwarming glitter of the season: fairylights, crisp unspoiled snowdrifts, icicles and stars.


Large image: Winter Wander Shawl
Small images, clockwise from top: Ice River HatIce River SnoodCabin Path ShawlKindling MittsKindling Hat

Knitvent 2014

Looking back at the patterns of 2014, what stands out are the little details: beads and ribbons,sequins and tassels, a strand of mohair, a pretty cable. I’ve seen knitters use some of these patterns again and again over the years for gifts, which is incredibly heartwarming.

Large image: Adorn Gift Bags
Small images, clockwise from top right: Candlelit Beaded ShawlIce Skating Scarf and WrapLind CowlCrisp and Even Cowl

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Knitvent 2013

Knitvent 2014 will always be close to my heart. It was the first time we gathered together for this holiday tradition, and some of the patterns are still among my favourites. Eight designs was quite a lot to manage, but we had so much fun!


Top row, right to left: Red Robin ShawlCheckerboard MittsFresh Powder CowlWarm Wishes Hottie.
Bottom row, right to left: Stardust Infinity ScarfRella MittsQuicksilver CowlNaughty or Nice Hat.

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Now I’m more excited than ever to introduce you to this year’s Knitvent and begin this wonderful tradition all over again. If you want to be sure not to miss any tidbits in the lead up to our new Knitvent season, be sure to sign up for the Curious Handmade Newsletter. That way you’ll be among the first to hear about the theme for this year, our early bird special, our upcoming contests, and all the other wonderful things that are part of our Knitvent celebrations!

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