London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has passed me by with barely a blip on my radar for years now. But completely out of the blue I’m strangely interested in the spectacle this year.

I think its to do with spending a little too much time on Pinterest lately and discovering a flock of interesting fashion bloggers and street photographers. I know. I have been under a rock. There is no way I aspire to wear any of that stuff but its fun to look at the pictures (sacriledge!) and I like the way Susie Bubble writes. I have reignited my girl crush on Garance Doré. She is a standout artist in her niche (I think) and besides has a name made for fashion.

LFW is based at Somerset House just around the corner from where I work. I popped along to see what all the fuss was about and it was really quite entertaining. The runway shows and the FROW (front row doncha know) is where all the action is. But there is a whole other drama happening in the court yard of Somerset House that anyone can go along and watch. Apparently this spectacle has caused a bit of a ruckus and some reflection on the nature of blogging which is interesting. I did find it fascinating that Bloggers had their own marked reception desk alongside Press, Buyers and Visitors (clearly an influential group).











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