Scandinavia Showcase

Continuing on from my last post, as part of my LFW visit to Somerset House, I also visited the International Scandinavia Showcase after nabbing a free ticket on Twitter (a first!).

It was an exhibition of designers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It was interesting to read about the Scandinavian fashion movement and its ties to Scandinavian design generally.

There were lots of nice things there but the designer I found really exciting was the Faroese design duo Gudrun & Gudrun.  You may know of them from the famous Sara Lund jumper of the TV show the Killing (Forbrydelsen in Danish). In knitting circles the jumper is probably more famous than the show. It was inspiring to see some hand knit designer garments as part of the show.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the most famous pullover but I was struck by the quality of the Faroese sirri wool it was made of. I was expecting quite a heavy, chunky garment from the photos I’d seen, but its really quite lightweight and I imagine very comfortable to wear. BTW if you fancy having a go at making it, the official pattern is licensed and available exclusively in Emma Kennedy’s book The Killing Handbook: Forbrydelsen Forever! (which is quite hilarious by the way).

I loved everything, especially the use of different textures and weights of yarn both within a single garment and throughout the whole collection.




And if the lovely garments weren’t enough, these knitted rollerskates were so cute!


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