More fun at Wool House with Debbie Bliss

Today I went back to Wool House for a talk by Debbie Bliss about “Design to Flatter the Body”. I didn’t realise this was the topic before I went along but as I am now starting to plan my first garment designs it was hugely helpful and very timely! I think Debbie and her team were somewhat bemused by me sitting in the front row taking furious notes!

I feel strongly that one of the most important aspects of a garment design is a flattering fit. If you don’t like the way a garment looks on you after all that effort of knitting it then it can be quite heartbreaking. Obviously there are a lot of other aspects that make a great design such as fashion trends, yarn choice and of course knitting techniques used. It was a real treat to get some tips from a designer that has obviously been thinking about this aspect for a long time.

I met up with the lovely Renee of East London Knits for a bite to eat at Tom’s Deli before we joined the talk. There was a little confusion at the beginning where we found ourselves in a room that was already full, but not with the usual knitting crowd. Lots of young hipsters with slouchy hats (confusingly not the hand knitted kind). It turned out that those of us with slightly less trendy clothes all wanted to be in the next room where we found Debbie patiently waiting for some people to talk to! (the other talk turned out to be by fashion designer Mark Fast).

Debbie gave us a couple of balls of her new yarns, the Blue Faced Leicester Aran which comes in a range of really rich lovely colours including a gorgeous hot pink. I can’t wait to swatch it. BFL is a British breed that seems to be gaining a lot of popularity lately.


There are also some wonderful interiors rooms set up at Wool House. This is an absolutely charming nursery by Donna Wilson. Its really adorable! I especially love the raindrops and clouds mobile.







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