Shetland Lace Masterclass at Wool House

I had the chance to attend a free event at Wool House today – the Shetland Lace Masterclass with Sandra Manson from Jamieson & Smith.


We were generously given some 2ply laceweight yarn and a pattern. I think the early birds even scored a cute little project bag too.


Sandra showed us some of her gorgeous samples. She said she took three weeks to knit this! Its an interesting construction – first the border is knitted then over 900 stitches are picked up from the border and knitted from the outside in. Wow!


IMG_2221 IMG_2237

And my results after about an hour of knitting! I have to admit I was distracted by talking to the lovely women around me.

I was already interested in the J & S yarn after devouring Kate Gilbert’s amazing book Colours of Shetland. Seeing one of the people near me wearing my favourite pattern from the book, the Northmavine Hap shawl made me want to make it even more.


Below is nothing to do with the Masterclass – just some colourful eye candy from the weaving room next door.


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