The Shawl Society 5



Returning for a fifth season, The Shawl Society is a secret pattern subscription club for knitters who love a bit of mystery, beautiful shawls, and knitting along with other daring, creative spirits. Over six months, we’ll discover six exciting shawl patterns and cheer each other on through the process of choosing yarns, matching colours, mastering new stitches and trying out fresh techniques.

The Shawl Society Season 5 carries us into the wide-open feeling you get from days spent almost entirely outdoors. The freedom and inspiration that comes from being just another part of the landscape.

No screens, no phones, no clocks, no deadlines, no demands.

Just you, the wind, and the hum of small contented things going about their simple little lives among the grasses and the trees.

Your thoughts can roam. Your soul can soar and settle down.

Your hands will find their work and your feet will find their path.

The whir of garden sprinklers and the rhythm of garden chores. Bush walks and camping trips and lunches eaten out of creased paper bags. Long afternoons sheltering in the shade of an ancient tree as the sun bakes the earth and your mind drifts into daydreams. Evenings rocking on a porch, as a blessed breeze begins to stir. Nights under the stars where your heart swells with the constant wonder of the universe whirling overhead.

We’ll meet our first secret shawl pattern of the season in May 2021, and carry on together with a new pattern each month until October. The Shawl Society is always a joyful, relaxing knitalong experience. Everyone knits at their own pace, and the support and encouragement of the community means that even newer knitters surprise themselves with what they can accomplish.

As with all Curious Handmade patterns, the shawls will feature soft, romantic styles with a modern twist, designed to be both simple and interesting to knit. Lace and texture, meditative stitches and interesting techniques, and thoughtful line-by-line instructions mean that relative beginners and long-time knitters will both find plenty to love in these six shawl patterns. Take a deep breath. Feel your shoulders drop and your heart lift. Let’s go explore.


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